This is probably the most exciting post I've ever written. Yes, me posting on this blog has become particularly sporadic within recent months but this is definitely a life moment I do not want to have written down on my space on the internet - I'm moving to Australia! This has literally been in the works for months and months but finally I can tell people and have it known as general knowledge now that I've handed my notice in at work etc. I cannot describe how excited I am to start a new chapter of my life - something which I have been craving so badly the past year and be free and young for a while.

I've been letting the stresses of modern life bring me down, that one day I woke up and just didn't want to accept the reality of the life I had fallen into. I want to see the world, travel and explore and spend most of my days in the sun - not stuck in traffic on the m6 in the pouring rain. 

I'm backpacking for a year with my friend from uni and i can't wait to share my adventures on this blog! I'm still not too sure how to document it, whether to make short videos and post them on YouTube, or to just have photos and write my blog alongside. Please let me know what you prefer to see when watching/reading about people travelling. I've also decided to write a personal hand written diary whilst out there as having something concrete to look back on in a few years will be priceless. Of course I'm going to be doing all the cliches out there such as Sydney opera house, harbour bridge, great barrier reef, whitsundays etc. but if anyone has any recommendations I would love to hear read them in the comments! 

So in exactly 2 weeks and 2 days I'll be outta this miserable cold weather and suddenly plunged into the heat of Melbourne in the summer! Also if anyone knows places to eat/drink please leave some in the comments, but until then... goodbye England and hello Aus! If you want a nosey at photos then don't forget to give my instagram a follow on @rachelsunee