I've been struggling to identify with a few fashion trends lately, and I've recently found myself in a bit of a style 'rut' and I ended up just gravitating towards outfit combinations which I barely had to think about, so I could be out the door in a hurry and be comfy all day. Most of my outfit combinations seemed to lean more towards mixing up gym wear and casual clothes, as my style has altered drastically over the last few months and i've been opting for more 90s influence in my wardrobe, which I am currently loving! Theres no other combo I am loving more right now than the sports bra teamed with midi skirt and a bomber jacket, along with either trainers or boots to fit the occasion. I've seen so many amazing A/W 16 midi skirts, bombers and womens gym wear  that I thought I would share the golden pick on here in a sort of sketchy/mood board way:

1 2 3
4 5 6
7 8 9

I've definitely had more fun recently with my style as i decided that I was being so hard on myself with pressurising myself to stick within certain 'boundaries' which I had sort of set myself on this blog. I just came to realise personal style is all about experimenting, mixing and matching, with the gym and casual wear mix being my current go to combo. Some of the womens gym wear featured on the list is from the brand MANIÈRE DE VOIR, whose current active range I am completely lusting over due to the gorgeous colour blocking and simplicity of the pieces.


Rachel x

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