Good evening! So some reason I've had such a burst of creativity the past few days and I mostly (please don't laugh) think its down to waking up early on the weekends and making the most of the time off work. I found inspiration to write this little post as I've experienced quite a few friends or even strangers say this particular comment to me, which always seems to slightly annoy me, not at them, but at the fact society has almost made them think they have to feel that way.

I enjoy fashion. I enjoy monochrome clothes and androgenous clothes, but sometimes just cool abstract shapes. Unless i'm feeling a bit girly, then sometimes I'll enjoy wearing monochrome girly clothes. I basically wear whatever the hell I feel like wearing everyday (unless i'm at work, which even then I still mostly just wear what I usually wear everyday minus jeans). Sometimes I aim for a certain 'look' if I have a cool sort of outfit in mind but most of the time I buy clothes I personally like and then I put them on my body with other combinations of clothes I also like and then I walk around in them.

So so many countless times I've been shopping with friends and they've seen something in a shop they really love the look of and you can see them contemplating trying on or buying and they turn to me and say 'noo this won't suit me, I'll leave it.' Then some of them even go as far to say 'It would suit you, because you know, your style and stuff'. Which even further confuses the heck out of me. What I really struggle with is the mentality of: If you like something and can afford it, why don't you wear it? Then why do I have the right to 'suit' an item of clothing more than you if you really like it? If you love it, then rock that item of clothing. The only reason some people seem to think i'll suit an item of clothing more is because I just wear what I love, and I have never spared a single thought to whether something suited me and I just don't hold back. Understandably, I do get if a certain item of clothing won't suit your body type and shape as everyone is different, but this post is aimed towards the STYLE and FASHION side of an item of clothing.

I just want women to not hold themselves back in expressing themselves, and know that you will only suit what you love and wear and its a way of expressing your personality. Of course there are outfits that you cannot simply wear for work/gym blah blah but most people have 2 out of the 7 days they can wear what the heck they like! I somehow felt so compelled to write this as perfectly beautiful and lovely women I've just met off the street have struck up conversations about clothes and talking about how a certain style won't suit them and i've been utterly confused. Your style is YOU and you alone can make every decision you want with what you choose to wear. Don't let those sort of thoughts hold you back.

What are you thoughts on this?



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