I've recently been way more absent on the blog front than I would ever like to be, and mostly this has been down to negativity. And no, this isn't from other bloggers or people on the internet or even people I know in person, as most people that I talk to and comment on here are so so lovely and i'm so lucky to have never received any sort of negativity towards me. The type of negativity i deal with all stems from my own thoughts and I personally battle huge demons every single day. I never like to tell anyone this and I've even been reluctant to post this, but I of course wanted to share some tips which have been really helping me lately, in hoping that these will at least help some of you out there who share situations with me. The kind of negative thoughts basically cripple me from even getting out of bed sometimes and it also makes it very hard for me to post on my blog, text back to friends or do any of the things I used to once enjoy. Some days are obviously worse than others, but the past few months have been particularly hard and I been working on self improvement and really trying my best to beat the negative cycle. I thought I would share just a few tips which, sound simple, but have really been helping me as of late:

1. Fuel your body with the best food for it to thrive
You wouldn't fill up your car with dirty oil that causes it to break down, so why not apply this rule to your body? When you eat junk, your body can't thrive and absorb the nutrients it so desperately needs. Also when I eat crap, i feel sluggish, fat and just a greasy slob in general which makes me feel even worse. What you put into your body is fuel and treat your body like a temple. Healthy body, healthy mind. You also only have this one body for the rest of your life, so why abuse it? I've been loading my body full of fruits, veggies, nuts, seeds, wholemeal grains, potatoes, rice, beans, legumes and pulses and physically have never felt better. I've actually been eating this way for a period of time where now I don't even crave fatty, unhealthy foods, as I don't even view them as a food source anymore. I have basically been following the most amazing book linked here, and have been treating it as my complete foodie bible recently.

2. Strip it all back to a simpler life.
This is mostly why I didn't blog properly the past few months, as I needed an almost complete social media detox. I had to completely quit instagram for a few weeks as going on there and the constant comparison of my own life to all the amazing instagram model's lives can be a huge confidence blow everytime you pick up your phone. Learn to enjoy time away from scrolling through twitter and actually get out and make time to chat with friends, read a book and leave the internet alone for a while. With the internet comes all this added pressure which can sometimes be so over consuming and people forget how to actually live a non-virtual life.

3. Find something you are passionate about for you
Whilst I was using up most of my time with work, I knew i needed to do something just to simply: make me feel better. Didn't have to be much, but it had to be something that let me forget all those issues for even just an hour. I always had a curiosity about yoga and when I heard about hot yoga, I decided to join Hot Pod Yoga and attend around 3 times a week. This was probably the best decision I ever made, as it gives a sort of escape and release from all those normal woes of life for a while. On the plus side, as an avid hater of the gym, hot pod yoga is not your average, relaxing, mediation/stretching yoga, its actually one of the most intense work outs I have ever done. A guy in my class wore a heart rate monitor for one of the classes once and burnt 700 calories due to the intensity and the sweat you produce during it- which actually turns out to relax you as you've released all your tension. Obviously your thing doesn't have to be hot yoga, but its about joining an activity you may have always wanted to do and just taking the time out to focus on yourself.

4. Find the beauty in the little things
This one if especially hard if you are in a constant cloud of negativity, however i learnt that sometimes chilling out and just looking at things in a more positive light can really help your overall mood. I let myself have a soya vanilla latte every single day and its one of those little things that can just perk your mood up a little. You can find those things in maybe a phonecall with your best friend, having a chat with a stranger in a coffee shop, watching a street performer, reading a chapter of your book etc.

5. Keep an area of your personal space tidy.
When I'm having a really rough time, the space around me completely reflects it. I can't bring myself to tidy pots, clean surfaces, pick up clothes off the floor etc. and sometimes your environment being a state can also contribute to bringing you down. Make a vow with yourself that you'll at least keep one area tidy for yourself, which you can escape to if you need to. This, I can appreciate can be really difficult but makes a huge difference if its stuck to. So I usually keep my kitchen & living room tidy and will chill on my laptop and do work at the table with a clean environment around me.

I really hope some of these helped and if anyone has any suggestions feel free to leave some in the comments for people to read!




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