Happy Monday and here we go starting another week. On the plus side, next week is only a four day working week! I'm super excited for the upcoming bank holiday and I'll be visiting my very first vegan fair in Manchester on Saturday. Has anyone ever been to one before?

I have been wanting a skirt in this style ever since Victoria Beckham brought out an absolutely stunning blue skirt in this style and I was over the moon when I saw something similar on asos. Wearing it gives me flamenco dancer style vibes and I literally can't stop spinning round in circles like I did as a kid at school. With this skirt I wanted to pair it with something simple and this knitted top from zara felt perfect for me. Walking past this top in Zara the other day, I picked it up and the thought actually came across my mind that i haven't actually seen a top like this before (or own something similar which is a shock). I love the neckline which is kind of cross-over/halterneck but its not? Also not being the hugest fan of patterns, this top has just the right amount of stripes for my daily pattern needs without it being too over baring. 


Rachel x


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