culottes are hands down, my ultimate favourite wardrobe item. So much that I thought I should dedicate an entire blog post towards them in the hope that the culottes love will spread and spread around the globe. Whats not to love about them? I wear smart culottes for work with heels, casual culottes for the average day in sandals or trainers for the androgynous look, jogger-style culottes for chilling around the house and my next step is definitely pj culottes. They can literally be worn for any occasion you desire and I feel like they always give a sort of high-end fashion look to an outfit over those jeans that you tend to reach for day in and day out.

I tend to reach mostly for them mainly for the versatility factor and also for the comfort element, which is why I ADORE wearing these babies when going out for meals. I have been there too many times wearing a dressy tight-fitting ensemble for a meal, then eating my weight in food and feeling majorly uncomfortable the rest of the night and just counting down the hours until i can get home and unbutton those pants. I have also been saved many a time by these with huge gusts from the wind, which have protected my flashing to the world which would have been a completely different story if I were rocking a flowy skirt. 

So here was the culottes appreciation post. Please spread the culottes love and link me to any that have caught your eye recently!

Rachel x

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