I stumbled upon Mary's YouTube channel this month and I am literally so so glad I have found her little space (which definitely isn't little) on the internet! She has such a bubbly, infectious personality and has done so many amazing things in the past year that I have on my bucket list. Best of all, she is a vegan and her way of life is something which I am definitely currently aspiring to!

kristy - kristywho

This girl has an amazing sense of style and her photos are just perfect! Love how clean and minimalistic her style and and her blog is and i definitely use her instagram as a source of outfit inspiration.

anouska - anouska.net

This lady is currently on her travels and literally has my jaw dropping everytime she uploads a post due to her insane photos. This year I want to improve my photography and the content on here and her photography is an inspiration!

These a just a few blogs which I have been loving delving into this month. I've found it so hard recently to just stop and take the time to read blogs and have not even been able to bring myself to open bloglovin the past few weeks. However now I'm all refreshed I cannot wait to find new blogs! Please leave me your links below!


Rachel x

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