I'm not a romantic. To be fair, I do think Valentines is ridiculously hyped up just a little bit too corny for my liking! However due to suffering from major FOMO I thought i'd compile a little list of small, interesting, less-romantic items that you can gift someone special this weekend that doesn't have to over-the-top and expensive.

1. Humans of New York Stories
The humans of new york is an insanely popular, yet touching facebook/instagram page full of inspiring stories of people in and around New York, which has more recently branched out into other countries also. Sometimes I find myself lost in flicking through each photo and reading about how different everyone's lives are and the hardship some people go through. Whats great about this book is you wouldn't need to definitely start at START and finish at FINISH, as it could be one of those you can pick up and start reading ANYWHERE, which I definitely need as I have the attention span of a goldfish.

2. Ted Baker Wash Bag
Always love a good wash bag! With just spending that little bit extra you get the luxury which comes with the Ted baker brand, and then the bag can be used forever to your man's hearts content!

3. Item Tracker
I think this would definitely be useful to a hella lotta men out there! Just attach to your phone and whenever you lose it behind couch/in the car/in the dogs bed you'll always find it in a tic!

4. Remote Control Video Drone
The most expensive item on the list, however most men do love their toys and this would be an entertaining little gadget to practice which is miles cheaper then the real drones out there.

5. Laptop Case
I don't know about you but my boyfriend loves to take care of all this technology and is very careful with his phone/laptop/speakers etc. This minimalistic, yet still masculine laptop case is definitely a winner in my eyes in the laptop case category!

6. Date Jar
Even though I've linked where to buy one of these from, you certainly do not need to spend any more than £1 on an idea like this. Even I thought it was a pretty sweet idea to write abstract and wild ideas for different dates you can go on and try for the rest of the year in a jar, and then pick them out randomly throughout the year! Lovely way to keep spontaneity in the relationship if you have busy working lives. 

I hope this may have helped a few of you!


Rachel x

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