During my recent stay in Amsterdam i was lucky enough to spend my slumber time in this beautiful hotel, the Westcord Fashion Hotel. We stayed here for 3 nights and those 3 nights were spent in absolute optimum comfort and luxury, enough that i didn't want to go back to my own bed!

When we arrived, due to catching such an early flight, we arrived at the hotel 6hrs early (?!?!?) for check-in, competely not expecting them to have anything ready for us, as check in was 3pm. However, they said we looked tired after our flight and had a ready room given to us which was an ABSOLUTE godsend to us after waking up at 3am that day. Little things like that from the staff can go such a long way. This definitely allowed for a power nap, freshen up and for us to tackle Amsterdam with less dreary eyes. 

The hotel room is stunning and modern, which I definitely wish I had taken more photos of, but to be honest we didn't spend much time here, and everytime I was here was in the morning getting ready in my mess of clothes, or in the evening coming back when it was too dark for photos! Bonus (or maybe not) point of the room is the see through door from the bathroom (with no toilet obviously) to the bedroom. So be weary if you like your privacy when showering or bathing! The toilet is in a separate room. The bed itself was so big I actually felt like I slept alone the whole time i was there and it was one of those- get in it and can't seem to get out!

Due to the hotel being a fashion hotel, the lobby and bar area are decorated with the coolest looking mannequins in the most extravagant outfits. Everything about the hotel feels classy, upmarket, yet still somewhere you don't feel uncomfortable to relax.

To get into the centre of Amsterdam, there is a tram stop around a 1min walk away from the hotel, and then the tram journey is around 15mins depending on which part of the centre you're travelling to. For us, this wasn't a huge problem, as we got to see a larger area of Amsterdam, however due to the trams not running past 12:30am, you need to be mindful of how long you stay out and whether its worth paying the 20euros for the taxi back from the centre. The general area where the hotel is set doesn't have too much going on- mainly residential but also slightly business-y however it is set a 3min walk to the famously beautiful Vondelpark, where you can ride bikes round rented from the hotel. The hotel even provides you massively discounted all day tram tickets, which I would definitely recommend buying as hopping around on trams can be a lifesaver when you're lost and its raining! The train station is a 10min walk away, with direct trains to and from the main airport also, with single tickets costing 4euros.

The hotel also has spa facilities and a bloody amazing pool, which unfortunately we just didn't have time to try out! However we had a sneak peak and it looked incredibly high fashion and abstract!

Overall I am super impressed with this hotel and I would definitely recommend staying if you are on a couples holiday and don't mind the short trip into the centre. The benefits of this hotel definitely outweight the cost, as for the price of one night in this beauty wouldn't get you anywhere near the quality of this place closer to the centre! I've linked their website here if you fancy a peak at more photos!


Rachel x

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