N.B- This photo has absolutely nothing to do with my moving to Cardiff, however I have spent the past few days channelling a drowned rat trying to get my affairs in order and basically pack up my current life in Cambridge to drive it all to Cardiff in a few days. It literally seems like last week I moved into my lovely house in Cambridge, however I knew it would only be short term until I would have to adapt and live my life in a completely different city once again for the next 4 months. I love moving, living and experiencing different cities so I absolutely cannot wait to start another exciting chapter of my life and career, however I so easily get attached to people and places, I wonder the more I live, is the list of things I feel nostalgic over just going to get longer? 

Sometimes I can sit for hours and just think of all the happy times in the past, so much that I wish I could relive huge chunks of my life again, however my Cambridge chunk of life feels so little and I feel like I haven't really had time to appreciate life here yet. Don't get me wrong, Cambridge is a beautiful city, however living here as a 22 year old has completely aged me. I definitely feel like I am ready to be in the heart of a lively, bubbly city where I can have my own apartment (of course there will be an apartment tour on here) having friends round, tour the cocktail bars on the weekend and really just be young. I'm going to miss my new friends, the beautiful scenery down here and the general politeness I have received from every Cambridge citizen! Sorry this was rambly, but I literally just kept pressing buttons as the disjointed thoughts were spilling out my head! So, cheers to the final goodbye and see you soon Cardiff. 

Also, if anyone has any recommendations about ANYTHING in Cardiff e.g gyms, bars, restaurants, exhibitions please let me know in the comments!

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