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water bottle - tkmaxx

I can't believe I am sitting down to write a post about a water bottle, I mean, how much can a water bottle effect my life I need to write a post on it?! A LOT, it seems. Now this may be surprised but i am one of those freaky people that absolutely hates water. now you may say: 'how can you hate water, it doesn't taste of anything?!'....exactly. The very fact that water just tastes like absolutely blandness gives me shivers down to my very bones, maybe a slight exaggeration but you get my point.

I used to just grin and bare the taste of water cos, ya know, we need it to survive and all, but now my life has been made. I have discovered this incredible water bottle which allows you to enhance the taste of your water 'a la' chopped fruit. The bottle splits into 4 compartments: the bottom where sliced lemons belong, the 2nd bottom, where berries go, the 2nd top which traps and squeezes the juice of the berries and then the top. This beauty from tkmaxx was only £5.99 however i can't find it on the website, so pop down to your local and do some scouring if you are loving the sound of this. Literally since discovering this I have been savouring the taste of so many fruit combinations in my water and definitely could not go back!

Have you tried any similar bottles to this?


Rachel x

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