Navy Seal

top - zara
culottes - asos
shoes - zara

Alarm bells are ringing.... this jacket is not monochrome. Even though i still mainly wear a monochrome wardrobe, I definitely get these specific wants towards certain clothes which don't follow my wardrobe preferences. However i gave in with this beauty and definitely have not regretted it! can you believe this is a size 14? I wanted something oversized and warm as I'll be heading to Amsterdam in a few weeks and wanted to pack quite light, however I still think I should've gone another size up. I am also in love with this smart, high neck tunic from Zara paired with it. At the risk of looking too 'hood rat' I teamed this outfit with some heeled sandals even if this colder weather spell doesn't agree with them. Also does anyone else find the Zara website extremely user unfriendly? Trying to search and find this top that I bought recently on there and literally cannot work the website!

How is everyone's January? My first week back at work was a HUGE shock to the system so I haven't even had 5 minutes to sit down with my laptop and do some blogging. I'm definitely going to try harder this year to fit blogging into my daily routine, how do you all fit this thang in with a full time job?! All tips welcomed.


Rachel x


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