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Seeing as its January and those gym memberships are still in full swing, why the heck wait until you get to the gym to start getting your body actually moving during the day? Sitting down all day working is something that most of us do, and by 4pm I can actually feel how stiff and lethargic my body is, which in turn actually puts me off going to the gym in the first place. Exercise to me, is one of those things that you have to actually do more of it to look forward to it and want to do it.

Powwownow want to encourage people to not only get fit, but to incorporate exercise into the work place, after all isn't it where we spend most of our time? I found this amazing tip that I wanted to share, which is probably the desk exercise I have found the hardest to do- the office genie. Sit cross legged in your chair, and all you have to do is lift yourself up and out the chair by holding the arm rests (still cross-legged) for around 10-20 seconds. Now this is extremely difficult to maintain for such a long time and you can definitely feel the abs and the arms burning by the end. Either that or i'm a complete wuss. I chose this particular exercise to share as I found it is a particular exercise which doesn't require a whole lot of movement, time, attention and stares from fellow colleagues and you achieve such an intense burn at the same time, making it super effective. I also found it actually gets my heart pumping pretty fast, which is fab for an exercise where you're not really moving a whole lot. Also, if you have mastered this, then you can take it to level 2 and do this on a chair with no arm rests and push yourself up from the seat itself- believe me I actually couldn't even hold this for longer than 2 seconds, but its something to strive towards. The Victoria's Secret model body will be ours soon enough!

I hope this small tip has given a few of you a little push to stay fit and healthy in the new year as now there really is no excuse!

Do you have any office exercises?


Rachel x

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