The 2015 Round-Up

My newsfeed is currently packed full of people doing the 'top9' posts on instagram of 2015, which inspired me to write something about this year, as it has literally been the craziest and most eye opening year I have ever had. So instead of doing the 'top92015' trend, I decided to choose 9 photos on instagram that all have a special and year-changing moment for me, and delve into the story behind each photo, which no one ever sees behind the social media mask.

1. This was at the very start of the year, where my blog was going well and I actually attended my very first fashion show in Manchester whilst still studying at uni, which was the M&S ss15 and mostly from what I remember of this was walking in a skirt and heels, freezing my socks off all the way from liverpool to manchester in the pouring rain!

2. Going for celebratory drinks with the uni girls to celebrate me (sort of) getting a graduate job. At this point in the year, it never really sank in that I would have to leave the uni bubble behind and seeing these girls every single day and have to live a completely different life.

3. This photo was taken months after the second photo. I guess in between the two nothing much really changed. My blog was growing well, I was doing well at uni, and was even going to the gym 5 times a week and felt really, really good. That all changed overnight when my appendix ruptured and I was one day away from dying. I had emergency surgery 3 weeks before my uni finals and spent 2 weeks completely bed ridden. I lost 1 and a half stone, which still to this day I have not even fully been able to put back on. This photo was taken about 3 weeks after my surgery when I finally had the strength to use my phone again and care about the outside world, where I lived in sports leggings and left the house alone for the first time in over a month to attend my exam. This was the most challenging thing I've probably had to face my whole life. Surgery and then the post surgery are some experiences I would never even wish upon my worst enemy. Now I have a huge battle scar but I'm so thankful I am still here.

4. This photo symbolises the fact that I had made it. I made it through my exams and after a month, I had made it to Thailand! This photo was taken on top of the sky bar in bangkok a few days after my boyfriend and i arrived and it had the most incredible view of the city. I spent a month in Thailand this year and it was the best experience I have ever had, which felt so much sweeter after having a very hard few months previously.

5. My boyfriend and I celebrated one year together. This photo was taken in koh phangan a few days after the full moon party. i am very grateful to always have such an amazing person by my side. Even now where we barely see each other, having him as my best friend is priceless.

6. I graduated! I can't believe I spent 3 whole years in a brand new city and had the most amazing life for such a short period of time. Even though it really didn't feel like it when i was doing 8-8 in the library everyday and eating copious amounts of tesco meal deals, I would go back and do it all again in a heart beat. i learnt so much about myself at uni and have never dedicated myself to something so much before other than my degree and I am so proud of me and all my friends for doing so well, and I've definitely made some friends for life.

7. My whole life completely changed again. I got an amazing graduate job and moved from Liverpool to Cambridge! I'm currently here 5 nights a week for work and I am loving living down south. I always get the 'you're not from round here' comments but Cambridge is a beautiful city and if anyone has any recommendations for food etc. please get in touch!

8. I decided to really help my body and mind out and go on a complete health kick. I became a vegan at the end of this year and just haven't considered looking back since. Cutting out those certain foods in my life have completely change the way I feel everyday and I feel like i've suddenly found some new lease of life! I always hated my body and felt sluggish and decided I needed to put my foot down and really look after myself before its too late.

9. I turned 22 in December and was very sad about it. I spent a whole week celebrating and went to the beautiful Titanic Hotel in Liverpool with my boyfriend, and the following week visited the Hilton spa in Manchester with the uni girls. I always felt like I should make the most of my life at 21, and for some reason still feel like i've fallen short. Even though so much happened, I've had to grow up so much this year with the operation, new job and moving house that I forget that I'm still so young. Turning 22 is just a constant reminder that even though time is still on my side to go out and travel the world and have no responsibilities, it won't be long until it'll be too late to do everything I want to do in life.

Has anyone done a similar post? I would love to read what your main milestones this year have been!



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