Black New Years Eve

Black New year

I have 2 huge downfalls: 1. not being organised enough & 2. buying heaps of clothes on a regular basis. This year I've been all swept up in the christmas spirit that I've barely even thought about new year. Plans were organised a few months ago as a group of us have rented a house in the Lake District (if its still above water) and we're going to have drinks/board games etc. As I knew we wouldn't be going 'out out' I haven't really planned an outfit. However now with my phone bombarded with messages that the girls are dressing up, panic has set in and its too late for me!!! Even next day delivery won't help me now! So i'm going to spend the next few hours trying to find clothes which look relatively dressy together in my wardrobe full of clothes that I barely ever wear.

However i couldn't help myself and go looking online for some ideas and inspo that I could use to base my NYE outfit on, and also if any of you are hitting the shops tomorrow, most of these should be available for you to snap up! Also, I am definitely in 2 minds whether to splurge on that bloody gorgeous reiss bag!! help! I'm definitely feeling the black vampy vibe this year, what are all your plans for the new year?


Rachel x


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