New Zara Loves

Let my introduce to you my favourite favourite beauties. For me, there are no other greater high street shoes in terms of style, quality and design than Zara shoes, with these being no exception. These beauties are super comfy, amazing quality and they receive tons of compliments when rocked with a a smart outfit. 

I've been wearing these mostly for work, as I need to be able to rock the professional look, but still be able to run around all day and keep up with my fast paced job and these shoes are perfect for that. I am probably the worst girl ever at wearing heels as I literally cannot master the walk and it probably slows my walking pace by 10 times. However with these, you can't even tell that you're wearing a heel whatsoever.

Sorry I've been so quiet on the blog front lately, I've recently moved house and to a different part of the country, Cambridge! So if any of you bloggers of any recommendations for cool food/drinks/shopping places, they would be much appreciated!


Rachel x

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