Autumn Room Bits

egg timer & copper candles - sainsburys
fur throw - asda
yankee candle - christmas eve

I have literally JUST moved into my house in Cambridge but I have been loving buying 'bits' and 'things' to decorate my room that of course I absolutely DO need. I thought I'd write up a little room tour as its not quite finished yet, but i'm definitely chuffed with how its coming along!

Definitely one of my favourite things in the room is the black reindeer. This is actually from a garden centre however i thought it would be a perfect christmas decoration without looking too over the top, and I'm actually debating whether to just keep it out after christmas. I tried to keep an autumn/winter theme throughout the room so matching the monochrome (of course) with the black, copper and also the splash of red from this DIVINE smelling candle from yankee candle - Christmas Eve. I'm also trying to find more and more places to put fairy lights as they're a fab addition to a room to create that cosy winter atmosphere.

I am also still deciding on how to store my make up and skincare products but as i'm currently travelling a lot, the most convenient way for me to store them is actually in a make up bag!

I am also in total love with this fur throw which is actually from GEORGE at ASDA as its beautifully soft, thick and whilst in the house i am constantly wrapped up in it. Please let me know your thoughts in the comments!



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