Milo Lounge | Liverpool

Sundays are my favourite day, and sitting here on a wet, cold and dark tuesday evening has got me really missing the weekend I just had. Sundays are definitely my 'off' day. I make 0 effort with hair and make up and basically just hang about in sweats all day. This sunday, my boyfriend and I decided to go for a walk and we had no technology whatsoever with us (apart from the camera) so we could really spend some quality time chatting and catching up.

These days spending quality time with loved ones are absolutely my favourite day. I've been having a hard time lately which has all stemmed from the pressures of social media, so it was a breath of fresh air to put it all to one side. We stopped off at an amazing place called Milo Lounge down Lark Lane, Liverpool for lunch and I am bloody glad we did! First off, they have a complete separate vegan menu, and the customer service we received was faultless. I also possibly had the creamiest soya latte I have EVER had before, so much that i actually thought they had given me whole milk! I ordered a falafel, red pepper and hummous sandwich and fries which was beautiful and definitely fit the 'comfort food' cravings. Of course, they had an extensive menu for those of you who aren't vegan/veggie, so if you're ever in the area definitely check this place out!



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