I'm A Vegan | Pancake Recipe

I finally bit the bullet the other week and yes, I became a vegan. Instantly I was thrust into a world of cuisine which I knew nothing about, and I spent hours and hours trawling the internet researching how I'll be able to have a healthy balanced diet,and still get all my vital vitamins and nutrients through this way of eating. I became vegan for a number of reasons: ethical and for personal health benefits.

My whole life i've eaten meat and dairy and never actually stopped to think, really, where does this come FROM? I knew they came from animals but after stumbling upon a few vegan videos, i began to question as to why these people would restrict their diet so much. I then watched 3 documentaries here, here and here, which really opened my eyes as to why I was eating meat and dairy. Obviously i'm not going to sit here and tell everyone to be vegan, as everyone is free to choose the way they want to live. 

Secondly I also became vegan for the health benefits. A few years ago I ate tonnes of ready meals, chocolate, crisps, and never touched a healthy piece of food. There was a point last year where I hadn't eaten a piece of fruit in 6 MONTHS. I felt sluggish, fat, slow and just in general pretty crap. I cut out the ready meals and instantly felt a difference, however I still always felt like I was tired all day and that everyday I never actually was fully AWAKE. I read about how switching to a vegan diet and eating tonnes of fruit, veg, grains, nuts and seeds have really changed people's energy levels for the better, with them experiencing a whole new boost of energy everyday, with their general mood lifted throughout the day. Many vegans have also claimed to have had amazing results with the quality of their hair, skin and nails, which for me is VITAL as i am currently in a hair, skin and nails crisis.

Of course, exercise is something extra I really need to incorporate into my routine as I am becoming more and more interested in really looking after my body, however as i'm still not fully recovered from my operation (boo :( ) its going to be a slow, easing into this.

Putting all of this info together I decided to give vegan eating a go. I can't stay I'll stick to it forever as sometimes, ways of eating just don't work with certain people, however after my first week in I am really enjoying it. I look forward to eating my meals everyday, and I have bundles of energy everyday. However its still early days and i'm still new to discovering vegan alternative recipes to people's favourite foods (e.g pancakes) so if anyone has any amazing recipes send them my way! I always thought eating vegan and making vegan alternatives to 'normal' foods would be a huge pain but I've actually found it easier and more enjoyable to make vegan meals, especially these easy pancakes. I'm actually thinking of starting a 'what I ate today' series on the blog occurring weekly, as I am super nosey and love reading these for food inspo.

On Sunday I cooked up some vegan pancakes for my sister and I using:

1 cup any flour (apart from self raising)
1/8th teaspoon of salt
1 tablespoon sugar
2 tablespoons baking powder
1 cup of almond milk
1 table spoon coconut oil

- mix all the ingredients into a bowl (apart from the coconut oil!)
-add the coconut oil to the pan and heat the pan until hot
-add the mixture
-add your favourite fruit as toppings
-it really is that simple, enjoy!




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