Men's Gift Idea: SWIG Hipflask

Remember those days where you used to sneak alcohol in little bottles to parties and nightclubs? .....Yeaaaah me neither. However as the festive season is creeping up upon us (HOW is it october already?!) there is going to be many a party, drinks and gifts exchanged. And this beautiful item can tick the boxes for all 3 of those events. I personally think it is an amazing idea for a boyfriend/dad/brother as a lovely personal, quality gift for them. First of all the packaging is faultless and classic, which to me just screams high end, but to unwrap and find the hipflask sat on an amazing paisley printed cushion was just great attention to detail but still having that masculine feel. 

Next on the hipflask. It actually comes attached to the leather pouch with some beautiful neat blue stitching all the way round and it is a lovely, lightweight hipflask as you definitely don't want to be lugging round a heavy hipflask when you're out socialising and what-not. Also, even though I chose the classic black, SWIG also do some beautiful hipflasks with different patterns and colours to tickle everyone's fancy.

To round it off, i think this is a beautiful, amazing quality present for this Christmas and would be perfect for the upcoming party season!



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