How I Got Into Blogging

I always knew I was going to write this post but I just never knew when the time was right. However when i was sent this lovely blogging uniform by workwearexpress and cute package, I was asked to write about what I wanted to be when i grew up and also how I got into blogging, so i thought this would be the perfect opportunity!

When i was younger I was OBSESSED with animals. I loved visiting zoos, farms, even bloody pets at home just so it was an excuse to see some furry cuteness. Therefore I spent my whole childhood life dreaming that I could one day be a vet. However, as life does, you grow up and naturally your interests change. I suddenly became too 'cool' to care about animals and I became distracted with all other sorts of things in life such as fashion, my degree, moving away, friends, makeup and of course, blogging.

I definitely fell into blogging by accident. I was going through a really horrid time in my life where I'd just had a break up, and felt constantly lonely and sad, and would spend nearly all day everyday in bed feeling pretty crummy. Then one day I was getting ready to pop to the shop and everything I was trying to do to my eyebrows was just not working for me, and i was undergoing an eyebrow nightmare. So i turned onto YouTube and googled an eyebrow tutorial, and the first one that popped up was Kandee Johnson. That led me to discover her whole channel of makeup tutorials that for a 17yr old girl who had no clue about how to buy/apply makeup properly, was like a whole dream come true! I watched her videos religiously and learnt tons about makeup. It got to a point where I'd look forward everyday to come home from school and watch Kandee's videos as she had such a positive outlook on life and was always happy and smiley in her videos. Eventually watching Kandee's videos actually helped heal whatever pain I was going through in my life and through her i found other beauty Youtubers and fell in love even more with the makeup and fashion world.

I became more and more interested in fashion, and knowing that I wasn't in any position to give beauty advice, I decided to document my everyday outfits on a blog, as I loved reading fashion blogs and was constantly feeling inspired by other girls' outfit combinations. Through doing this, i developed my own kind of style, and the longer i've been blogging, the more I actually love it! I read all your comments and I love all the feedback from my posts and OF COURSE the blogging community.

Even though blogging ins't my career I love having it was a hobby which is completely different from my job. I have really loved finding even more amazing fashion blogs and its led me to develop a passion for travel and photography on the side, which i cannot wait to showcase more on here so watch this space.


Rachel x


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