top - asos
trousers - f&f

Hellooo, Sorry some of these photos are blurry, I've just got a new camera so I'm still trying to learn the ropes. I've got a canon 700d if anyone would be so kind as to give me some tips, they would be much appreciated!! Also thanks so much to the lovely commenter in my last post who helped me out with my huge photo-resizing issue, saved my life! 

With autumn here and winter approaching, I really wanted a fedora hat, badly. And i have fallen in love with this black one from asos, so much so that I think i need to wear it with every outfit to give it that something extra. I have also been loving high waisted, wide legged trousers, mostly because I've been eating more recently (just telling myself its some fat to keep warm in winter) so i can eat as much as I want without feeling my clothes becoming tight and digging into my body, honestly.

On a side note I am super excited for the halloween weekend! What are everyone's plans?


Rachel x

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