Alternative Styling

jacket - matalan
top - american apparel
trousers - sainsburys
shoes - zara

Today I thought I'd try and do something a bit different. I love to shop at ASOS, Zara, Topshop, Missguided and all those other high street fashion stores, but twhilst I was in Sainsburys the other day doing a little food shop, I wandered past the clothes and saw these super comfy looking trousers for just £10!  That also made me think that there actually are some good clothes shops out there that I barely ever think of going in. So I then went on a mission and ventured into matalan and found this peplum blazer which is perfect for smart/casual work days. 

This outfit was basically me just trying to incorporate these items into my everyday wardrobe but I am surprised and actually a bit embarrassed that I never even thought to look at these places for clothes as they are sometimes such a bargain over the usual 'fashion stores' so I definitely won't be missing out their clothing options in the future!

ALSO I am having a HUGE issue with the sizing of my photos at the moment on this blog and cannot for the life of my get all my photos the same width. I've changed the html like usual so they are the same width and it comes up perfect on the preview, but whenever i press publish it always makes the photos go back to original size again! If anyone could please help a gurrl out I would be forever in your debt!!!!! Please and thankyous!



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