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I've always been a big fan of Neutrogena, ever since I purchased the visibly clear 2-in-1 face mask from watching Essie Button's review on it. So after this i decided to branch out and see what else Neutrogena had in the similar kind of department for face washes/scrubs so i came back with the pink grapefuit and spot stress control as I am having a serious case of acne melt down right now! Obviously I am nowhere near a beauty expert or beauty blogger but i thought i would just share my experiences of using these products:

Visibly Clear 2-in-1 Wash and Mask
This product is great for taking off makeup as it really gets into the pores and theres no makeup residue left over on the flannel when i'm drying! It also has a 'cooling' effect meaning that when i wash off, i feel refreshed and more awake for the day. Being able to leave it on and have it act as a mask is also a bonus, which is definitely clearing up my acne.

Visibly Clear Pink Grapefruit Daily Scrub
This scrub is a mild, soft scrub which i would even go as far as saying its more like a gel. I don't know about you but i like my scrubs to feel...'scrubby'. The wash is a thick liquid, which is also refreshing and smells divine! However it doesn't remove makeup as well as the wash and mask so i would definitely suggest using a cleanser beforehand. After washing my skin feels clean and moisturised, and i would definitely recommend this for dry skin.

Visibly Clear Spot Stress Control Daily Scrub
This product really is a mix between the two mentioned above. It has the refreshing feeling of the wash and mask, however it has a more abrasive scrub property than the grapefuit. This product definitely isn't as thick as the previous, however it left my skin feeling squeaky clean. Still wouldn't recommend this to remove makeup, so a cleanser beforehand is ideal.

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