Macadamia Oil Extract Hair Treatment

Macadamia Oil Extract Hair Treatment Cream

I know what you're thinking: this oil hair treatment has been blogged about more times then i've possibly blinked in my life, but these particular products definitely rival the current reviews of those high end, expensive hair oil treatments out there as these babies cost me £1 each (?!?!?!). 

I basically didn't plan to pick up these, but the previous evening i had a major hair disaster (exaggeration) but whilst my hair was drying after my shower, all my hair started becoming tangled and breaking when i started brushing it. Even after adding huge quantities of conditioner and literally lathering it all over the ends of my hair, my hair still felt dry and looked and really felt unhealthy. So the next day i was just in town and picked these up on a whim when walking past them in the shop and thought 'may as well'. I was pretty unhopeful at first as they only cost £1 each so i wasn't expecting miracles.

So after my traditional hair washing/conditioning routine i slathered the cream -which smells DIVINE, all over my hair first and left for 7-10mins before washing off. After washing, my hair felt instantly softer and smoother. Ten after towel drying i added a few drops of the oil and then spread it all over my hair. I did make the mistake of adding too much oil the first time i did it, as i thought i needed way more as i couldn't really 'feel' it in my hair. However after drying, my hair felt like someone else's and i literally couldn't stop touching it! So if you are in need of a hair emergency and you are on a serious budget, don't look past these. I personally haven't tried many high end oils so i can't really compare but these really do the job. My hair is usually oily, but during a period of insane dryness this definitely rescued it from the dead. So i'm not sure how it would compare if your hair type is just insanely dry all the time. However for £1 each i would definitely recommend these! I picked this up at a savers store but i heard even Lidl sell it but i've linked an amazon link, however it is a bit pricier on there.


Rachel x 

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