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A few months ago i decided to jump on the hype that was sweeping the health blogger world and try out hot yoga. I had originally decided to write a post on it months ago but i literally COMPLETELY forgot until i was going through my draft posts recently. Anyway, better late than never i thought i would share my experience on it, regardless to the fact it was months ago plus i have no photos, which i am very apologetic for. This was due to me choosing the candlelight version, so the room was extremely dark and full of sweaty strangers in unflattering poses, who i didn't think would appreciate me photographing them. However i have included a tumblr sourced photo of a very flexible girl (you can imagine its me) doing some yoga.

So basically the yoga class i went to was the candlelight hot yoga which is linked here. It was fairly pricey, as in more costly than an average fitness class in the area. Obviously if you live in London this may not be the case! However i made my way with my best friend with mixed feelings as i really did not know what to expect. The place was small, however decorated beautifully in oriental hangings and a gorgeous scent of aroma filling the building. There were around 30 people in the class and as i walked in most of them were laid just chilling and listening to the calming music the instructor had put on.

Once we were started, we started mainly on floor work for the first 20mins which was fairly easy, but there were also harder versions if you were advanced. The next 20mins were stood up poses and formations and these were pretty HARD. mostly due to the intense heat difference from being stood up from sitting down and this made everyone look like they had just emerged from a shower and kinda made me go light headed. At one point a guy had to walk out of the room as it was so hot! However after that, the last 20mins were filled with meditation practise, which was surprisingly soothing seeming i had never attempted meditation before. During this, the instructor had to open the door and windows as there were general complaints about the heat. 

As i left, one of the regulars told me it usually isn't as hot as it was that particular time, which i was kind of glad about as i knew i had experienced the hottest it should be and any other time after can't possibly get as hot! Despite this, hot yoga is definitely an intense, yet extremely relaxing experience, especially if you choose the candlelight option and meditation is involved. If you're a beginner like me then you don't feel out of place at all as every pose can be held within different difficulty levels and i would definitely recommend this as you sweat like craaaaayzay and come out feeling cleansed and relaxed.

Rachel x

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