Instagrams With Amazing Photography

Jack's travel photos fill me with a huge sense of envy, mostly for all the amazing beaches and islands he's visited, but also how he manages to capture so much beauty in just one shot. I genuinely try to skip past his photos whenever they come up on my feed as they make me insanely jealous, but i can't seem to look away.

Oumayma stays in some pretty impressive places with beautiful interiors and she captures her travels perfectly.

Vanessa's instagram is filled with amazing, minimalistic fashion photography of her and the amazing hotels and buildings she visits. Nearly every photo as a minimal, monochrome feel to it and she has definitely perfected her amazing poses!

The photos on Bryant's account are more aimed towards female models striking bladdy amazing poses with some really stunning locations. Scrolling through his feed fills me with with so much jealousy at how stunning these models are that he gets to photograph and also how they can look so gorgeous posing with all this seriousness when i can't even feature in an outfit post without looking daft.

Kaitlyn's instagram feed just screams class, high fashion and overall just chic. Her amazing monochrome wardrobe and styling is reflected so well in her photography and i literally aspire to have my feed be as stylish and high fashion as hers.

For some reason, recently i have become insanely obsessed with photography, constantly hunting, admiring and saving photos which are shot with beautiful scenery, perspective, and amazing quality. I've been trying so hard lately to step up my photography game, which is definitely proving hard with only an iphone as my camera recently broke, however i've been trying my best and showcasing some photos on instagram. However i thought if photography is something that also interests you, you may love these instagram accounts for inspiration or the general gawping at their amazing shots! Enjoy!

Please link me some instagrams in the comments that you think have amazing photography as i'm always up for discovering new people!


Rachel x

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