How To Succeed In a Job Interview

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This is a bit of a different post from me, however as a recent graduate, i seem to be finding myself currently away from home for extended periods of time as i am constantly moving around and living out of my suitcase due to the amount of interviews i have around the country! Due to this, i seem to have developed quite a bit of interview experience, not just recently, but for part time jobs in the past and i haven't managed to be rejected by anyone yet (touch wood)! So i thought i would just share some of the tips i have picked up from having quite a few successful interview experiences:

1. ALWAYS take a pen and notepad. Sometimes interviewers may tell you important details about their company which would definitely be impressive to remember and repeat back!

2. Do thorough research on the company you are at the interview for. Swotting up on top facts about their achievements as a business and using these as examples as why you want to work for them can really help. That way it doesn't just look like you saw their ad on indeed.co.uk and applied to it along with the other 100 just to have any old job!

3. Be early. I allow myself literally mounds of time to get to an interview, as there is nothing worse than being stressed already about the interview, but there being difficulties on your journey to it e.g train delays, motorway accidents etc. If you are even a tiiiiny bit late, it looks pretty bad, even if it wasn't your fault!

4. When they say: 'do you have any questions?' ALWAYS ask a question. But definitely do not ask 'how long do we have for lunch?' 'when will i get a raise?' etc. Ask something genuinely interesting about their company e.g 'if i'm successful, how will your company go about their training new staff?' as it shows you are interested in them.

5. Keep eye contact, look up and speak clearly. No one likes it when you are being served by someone and they mumble and don't really talk to you as it shows the person just isn't interested at all. You want to be hired by these people so look interested!

6. Smile and show enthusiasm. People like to hire candidates who have energy and show a breath of fresh air and are excited to start the job- be that person!

7. This may be obvious but you may be surprised at some outfits i have seen: DRESS APPROPRIATELY. Small things can really make a difference, such as showing cleavage, wearing a short skirt, wearing clubbing heels and sometimes waay too much slap can have a negative impact on the impression you give off. I like to wear a high tie neck blouse with a pencil skirt, tights and some small sensible heels with a natural make up look.

8. RELAX. I know this is definitely easier said then done, but during an interview, i like to pretend and act for the duration that i am a more confident version of myself that has a talent for acing interviews! Basically I'm playing a 'game' and just pretending that I have to confidence that I aspire to have. Confidence is attractive and as you're pretending you're relaxed and confident, it will give yourself the opportunity to bring out the best side of yourself, rather then dying with nervousness (as you might be inside). However its taken tonnes of practise for me to achieve this!

I hope some of these were useful and not all too obvious as I know so many graduates are looking for jobs at the moment! Also if i have missed any out please give me some in the comments!

Rachel x


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