5 Things I Have Learnt In 21 Years

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I'm 21. And i have been this age for around 9 months now, the age which is used in all the jokes e.g '21 again' and how people are forever using the age of 21 as an example of youth, however associated with the freedom and wanderlust of 'about to grow into yourself' stage. I was always looking forward to turning 21, however when i actually did, it filled me with a sense of dread, that i'd have to fit as much as i could into this one year as this would be the age i would look back on in 20-30yrs time as a highlight of my youth. Because as soon as you turn 22, you're on your way downhill, naturally (jokes, i really hope not!).

So turning 21 inspired me to really love myself and be open to trying new experiences and basically become a life sponge, absorbing as much as i can to really 'find myself'. I have learnt a huge amount in recent years, not all since turning 21 but a lot of it has happened from 19 onwards, so i thought i would share a few words of main points i have learnt, if you are not yet this age some sort of wisdom i can impart on you! (i do not take any responsibility for any actions undertaken from this advice!)

1. Don't sweat the small stuff.
I used to be stressed over any tiny little thing. Be it an argument with a friend, an assignment, going to a party and meeting a whole load of now people, travelling to a new place would all be times i would become stressed or anxious. I learnt recently that the only way to overcome these feelings is to just 'let it be'. Instead of always stressing over planning for all these kind of stressful events, you're never going to feel the benefit of actually achieving them because you're so stressed. Life is way too short to be stressed over such small stuff. I've learnt to allow life to unfold in front of me and just be prepared and ready for the ride.

2. You cannot be liked by everyone.
Its just impossible. Everyone is going to have opinions on what you should be doing or criticising you as what you enjoy doing isn't what they enjoy doing. You may aswell go about your life and just do what makes you happy. Who even are these people criticising you? People who love you will never do this and they're the only ones who should matter.

3. Your true friends are there for a reason.
When you're feeling crappy or have an issue. Bottling it up and hiding it to put a brave face on may seem like a good idea, but you have these true friends for a reason. Open up to them and use that. They may able to see your problem from another point of view and really help you, making you wish that you had opened up sooner. Also don't forget to try and be there for your friends as much as you can, as the good actions will come round when you need help.

4. You are going to experience rejection and hurt at multiple times.
Bad experiences are inevitable. You can try to avoid them, however instead of becoming completely absorbed by the situation, i've learnt to take a positive growing experience from every negative situation. Again with becoming a more open person and a 'life sponge' if something really crappy happens to me, i always think 'oh well at least it taught me....' or 'if this wouldn't have happened, then i wouldn't have found/experienced this other amazing memory'. A more positive way of thinking to every situation makes me more of a happier person, as being happy isn't just an emotion to have to feel all the time, its more a state of calmness and general wellbeing.

5. Travel and capture as much as you can.
As i've grown older, time seems to have sped up. Events that feel like they happened last week have actually been gone 2yrs now, and i'm constantly sat thinking 'damn, where has that time gone?!' Life is too short to sit around on yo ass or to spend your whole life at your desk working for your demanding manager and not going out to live and experience the beauty of the world. Don't forget to travel and capture all the amazing memories that you can because as i quote my best friend 'travelling is the only thing you will spend your money on and come out richer'.

I hope these were useful and please if you have any more tips leave them in the comments for me to have a read through!

Rachel x

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