5 Important Travelling Tips

I can't believe its been 3 weeks since i returned home from my month in Thailand. It was my first backpacking trip away so I went into it head first but also knowing i would make many rookie mistakes having never done this type of thing before. So here i've basically compiled a list of a few simple things to make a backpacking experience just a little bit easier!

1. Split your money. 
When travelling carry your money in a few separate places, that way if a bag is stolen or you are pick-pocketed, the person doesn't run off with all your money!

2. Always have multiple copies of important documents and passport 
You don't want to be stranded in a foreign country having lost your ticket/passport or injured with no copy of your insurance policy!

3. Take a medication possibilities for most general things that could possibly go wrong:
-throat lozenges
-mosquito repellent
-bite/rash cream
-anti diarrhoea
-ion replenishments

4. Always carry water with you, everywhere.
The worst thing that could happen is ending up in an unfamiliar area or a large historical site and realising you have no water, and you won't be in a town or see a shop for hours. Being hot and dehydrated is seriously dangerous and i encountered this occasionally in Thailand, so believe me when i say this is an important tip! 

5. Pack socks and a scarf in your hand luggage.
Sometimes the air con in planes is chilly, very chilly. Also if you're on a long flight and want to put your feet up, gracing everyone with the presence of your bare feet definitely isn't a pleasant experience. A scarf is something i forgot to pack, however i learnt the hard way that i definitely shouldn't have over looked it. Light scarves are versatile for blankets when its chilly on the plane, cover ups when going to a temple or a pillow when sleeping on the road. Definitely something i'd take next time.

Rachel x

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