4 Reasons Why You Should Have a Blog Email

Two days ago, i decided to ditch using my personal email and start an email just for this blog. So now, instead of reaching me at racheloliver93@live.com, my new email will be stylesoup@outlook.com. I did this for a number of reasons, however mainly it was down to the fact i was getting more and more emails from brands and also more and more emails from pharmaceutical companies about my job and i found my inbox was just a constant stream of disorganised emails. However i then realised that this change should've definitely happened sooner, for a lot of positive reasons that i've decided to list out just incase any of you haven't taken the plunge yet/still thinking about it:

1. It lets onto brands that you are serious about your blog.
Having an email just for your blog lets brands know you take your blogs seriously, and its not just something you do sometimes when you're bored.

2. It may save some embarrassment, looks more professional and makes a brand more likely to contact you.
My old email was: rachiieebabes@hotmail.com and if yours is similar and you know you want to start a blog, i would strongly advise you change your email! It even makes myself cringe looking back at it, so if it makes you cringe, it will definitely make a brand pr cringe.

3. It keeps you organised.
This was basically the main reason why i created my blog email, as it saves you the stress of having a million different types of email coming into your inbox, leaving your mail feeling clutter-free and replying becoming more manageable instead of a mammoth task. 

4. It allows for a break.
Having a separate email allows for you to take a step back from your blog when you want, so you can opt to not receive any 'bloggy-emails' if you decide to have a little break.


Rachel x


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