Carsten Höller: Decision Exhibition

What exhibition have you ever been to where you can leave via a giant slide? Yesterday i ventured to the Carsten Holler: Decision exhibition where you can undergo an interactive experience to sensory and intellectual stimulation. The exhibition is based mainly around decision making, with the activities and situations designed to alter your psychological state. Obviously I don't want to sit here and type everything that happens as discovering that is part of the enjoyment of the day, however i would definitely recommend this as a day out, featuring: thousands of pills, futuristic eye equipment, giant slides and gliding over the roof of the gallery.

It is currently on until September 6th so its not around for much longer!


Rachel x


Stages Of Heels On A Night Out With Stylefruits

A few weeks ago I was asked to contribute my experience with heels during the different stages of a night out for the stylefruits infographic. After reading the finished result there was no way I COULDN'T share it on here. Every girl has definitely experienced these stages of a night out relating to wearing heels and i am super chuffed I could contribute to this little comical  infographic with my 'going home' story. I also enjoyed reading the other bloggers' experiences with heels so let me know what you think and if you can relate.

Sorry its just a short post from me today, i've been travelling so much lately however i am currently in London for the notting hill carnival which i am super excited about! Thinking of vlogging notting hill carnival as my youtube channel needs a little love these days. What are you up to this bank holiday weekend?


Rachel x


Instagrams With Amazing Photography

Jack's travel photos fill me with a huge sense of envy, mostly for all the amazing beaches and islands he's visited, but also how he manages to capture so much beauty in just one shot. I genuinely try to skip past his photos whenever they come up on my feed as they make me insanely jealous, but i can't seem to look away.

Oumayma stays in some pretty impressive places with beautiful interiors and she captures her travels perfectly.

Vanessa's instagram is filled with amazing, minimalistic fashion photography of her and the amazing hotels and buildings she visits. Nearly every photo as a minimal, monochrome feel to it and she has definitely perfected her amazing poses!

The photos on Bryant's account are more aimed towards female models striking bladdy amazing poses with some really stunning locations. Scrolling through his feed fills me with with so much jealousy at how stunning these models are that he gets to photograph and also how they can look so gorgeous posing with all this seriousness when i can't even feature in an outfit post without looking daft.

Kaitlyn's instagram feed just screams class, high fashion and overall just chic. Her amazing monochrome wardrobe and styling is reflected so well in her photography and i literally aspire to have my feed be as stylish and high fashion as hers.

For some reason, recently i have become insanely obsessed with photography, constantly hunting, admiring and saving photos which are shot with beautiful scenery, perspective, and amazing quality. I've been trying so hard lately to step up my photography game, which is definitely proving hard with only an iphone as my camera recently broke, however i've been trying my best and showcasing some photos on instagram. However i thought if photography is something that also interests you, you may love these instagram accounts for inspiration or the general gawping at their amazing shots! Enjoy!

Please link me some instagrams in the comments that you think have amazing photography as i'm always up for discovering new people!


Rachel x


Office Chic

office chic

Spending a lot of time in office wear recently has inspired me to shake things up a little and try to still express my style whilst going about sorting 'serious business'. And also as the colder weather is drawing in (lets face it, did we even have any hot weather?) i thought these pieces would be great for some transition/pre autumnal styling. These zara cut out sandals are a total dream and my overfilling wardrobe is so sad that i currently do not own them. I also think i have fallen head over heels with this asos watch and i will most certainly be purchasing this before the month is over!


Rachel x


Grey Daze

top - primark
skirt - asos (similar)
sandals - asos
body chain - primark

I've recently been living in this grey knitted vest top as its super casual, comfortable and was basically a steal from primark. I actually have a size 16 on as i wanted it to have that oversized, slouchy look which can also just be tucked into any skirt/shorts/trousers and i'm ready to leave the house in a rush! I'm also loving these gold body chains which soo many girls are slaying on their bikinis on instagram!

Rachel x


4 Reasons Why You Should Have a Blog Email

Two days ago, i decided to ditch using my personal email and start an email just for this blog. So now, instead of reaching me at racheloliver93@live.com, my new email will be stylesoup@outlook.com. I did this for a number of reasons, however mainly it was down to the fact i was getting more and more emails from brands and also more and more emails from pharmaceutical companies about my job and i found my inbox was just a constant stream of disorganised emails. However i then realised that this change should've definitely happened sooner, for a lot of positive reasons that i've decided to list out just incase any of you haven't taken the plunge yet/still thinking about it:

1. It lets onto brands that you are serious about your blog.
Having an email just for your blog lets brands know you take your blogs seriously, and its not just something you do sometimes when you're bored.

2. It may save some embarrassment, looks more professional and makes a brand more likely to contact you.
My old email was: rachiieebabes@hotmail.com and if yours is similar and you know you want to start a blog, i would strongly advise you change your email! It even makes myself cringe looking back at it, so if it makes you cringe, it will definitely make a brand pr cringe.

3. It keeps you organised.
This was basically the main reason why i created my blog email, as it saves you the stress of having a million different types of email coming into your inbox, leaving your mail feeling clutter-free and replying becoming more manageable instead of a mammoth task. 

4. It allows for a break.
Having a separate email allows for you to take a step back from your blog when you want, so you can opt to not receive any 'bloggy-emails' if you decide to have a little break.


Rachel x



Dreamy Interiors

source  - tumblr

The weather here today is seriously miserable and ruined all my plans for outfit photos. However i've recently spent an unhealthy amount of time on tumblr recently as i'll be moving out to live all on my own in a few months and all these dreamy interiors are making me inspired to make my little (and it will probably be very little) space as minimal and white (with faux fur throws) as possible.

Rachel x


The Hanover Street Social

A few of you may know but the past 3 years i've been attending uni and living in liverpool. It was the best 3 years of my life and i fell in love with the place, the people and the uni itself, and gutted doesn't even cut how i feel now its all over and i've moved back home to my parents. The other day i headed back down to spend some quality time with the girls i was lucky enough to live with for 3 years and we went for some food and a few drinks. We ate at a beautiful place called the Hanover Street Social and i was so impressed i thought i would write a little post on it in case any of you happen to be in the area.

We booked a table of 6 online which caused absolutely no problems and we were seated at one of the best tables in the restaurant on a circular table right next to the window. The first impressions were definitely just gazing in awe at the pinterest-worthy interior, mainly monochrome with the splash of red coming from the sofas. We chose to eat off the lunch menu, which was £10.95 for two courses or £13.95 for three courses and i drank my very first bellini. For starters i had some warm flatbread with a selection of dips: mint yoghurt tahini, red pepper hummus and harissa salsa which was delicious, however i had to be careful and not eat it all before my main as i could definitely fill up on it! Then for mains i had slow roasted pork belly, chorizo bubble and squeak & sage jus which was definitely new for me as i had never tried pork belly before and it was bloody amaaazing.

The service was fast and the staff were super friendly so i'd definitely recommend popping in here if you're ever shopping or spending a day in liverpool as it has a great location and is super central. 

Also i am super close to 400 bloglovin followers so i would reaaaally appreciate it if you gave this blog a lil follow!

Rachel x



Macadamia Oil Extract Hair Treatment

Macadamia Oil Extract Hair Treatment Cream

I know what you're thinking: this oil hair treatment has been blogged about more times then i've possibly blinked in my life, but these particular products definitely rival the current reviews of those high end, expensive hair oil treatments out there as these babies cost me £1 each (?!?!?!). 

I basically didn't plan to pick up these, but the previous evening i had a major hair disaster (exaggeration) but whilst my hair was drying after my shower, all my hair started becoming tangled and breaking when i started brushing it. Even after adding huge quantities of conditioner and literally lathering it all over the ends of my hair, my hair still felt dry and looked and really felt unhealthy. So the next day i was just in town and picked these up on a whim when walking past them in the shop and thought 'may as well'. I was pretty unhopeful at first as they only cost £1 each so i wasn't expecting miracles.

So after my traditional hair washing/conditioning routine i slathered the cream -which smells DIVINE, all over my hair first and left for 7-10mins before washing off. After washing, my hair felt instantly softer and smoother. Ten after towel drying i added a few drops of the oil and then spread it all over my hair. I did make the mistake of adding too much oil the first time i did it, as i thought i needed way more as i couldn't really 'feel' it in my hair. However after drying, my hair felt like someone else's and i literally couldn't stop touching it! So if you are in need of a hair emergency and you are on a serious budget, don't look past these. I personally haven't tried many high end oils so i can't really compare but these really do the job. My hair is usually oily, but during a period of insane dryness this definitely rescued it from the dead. So i'm not sure how it would compare if your hair type is just insanely dry all the time. However for £1 each i would definitely recommend these! I picked this up at a savers store but i heard even Lidl sell it but i've linked an amazon link, however it is a bit pricier on there.


Rachel x 


Lifestyle: Hot Yoga

image source - tumblr

A few months ago i decided to jump on the hype that was sweeping the health blogger world and try out hot yoga. I had originally decided to write a post on it months ago but i literally COMPLETELY forgot until i was going through my draft posts recently. Anyway, better late than never i thought i would share my experience on it, regardless to the fact it was months ago plus i have no photos, which i am very apologetic for. This was due to me choosing the candlelight version, so the room was extremely dark and full of sweaty strangers in unflattering poses, who i didn't think would appreciate me photographing them. However i have included a tumblr sourced photo of a very flexible girl (you can imagine its me) doing some yoga.

So basically the yoga class i went to was the candlelight hot yoga which is linked here. It was fairly pricey, as in more costly than an average fitness class in the area. Obviously if you live in London this may not be the case! However i made my way with my best friend with mixed feelings as i really did not know what to expect. The place was small, however decorated beautifully in oriental hangings and a gorgeous scent of aroma filling the building. There were around 30 people in the class and as i walked in most of them were laid just chilling and listening to the calming music the instructor had put on.

Once we were started, we started mainly on floor work for the first 20mins which was fairly easy, but there were also harder versions if you were advanced. The next 20mins were stood up poses and formations and these were pretty HARD. mostly due to the intense heat difference from being stood up from sitting down and this made everyone look like they had just emerged from a shower and kinda made me go light headed. At one point a guy had to walk out of the room as it was so hot! However after that, the last 20mins were filled with meditation practise, which was surprisingly soothing seeming i had never attempted meditation before. During this, the instructor had to open the door and windows as there were general complaints about the heat. 

As i left, one of the regulars told me it usually isn't as hot as it was that particular time, which i was kind of glad about as i knew i had experienced the hottest it should be and any other time after can't possibly get as hot! Despite this, hot yoga is definitely an intense, yet extremely relaxing experience, especially if you choose the candlelight option and meditation is involved. If you're a beginner like me then you don't feel out of place at all as every pose can be held within different difficulty levels and i would definitely recommend this as you sweat like craaaaayzay and come out feeling cleansed and relaxed.

Rachel x


6 Things You Should Do In The Morning

image source - instagram

Recently I've been feeling a bit mentally and physically bogged down, tired and just generally unhealthy. That was when i sat down with myself and tried to really think where all these problems originated from and realised my lifestyle just isn't a great way to live if you want to make the most out of your day and feel good about yourself. A lot of this is determined by what I do in the morning, and since i've completely changed up my morning routine, i've seen a huge difference in my energy and general feeling during the day. Here are a few things i have changed that i would definitely recommend if any of you are in the same rut as i was:

1. Wake Up Early
This is probably one of the hardest things to do, especially when its a weekend and theres nothing to really wake up early for, but waking up early everyday has completely increased my productivity during the day and made me feel a bit more human again. I don't know if i'm the only one who thinks this but theres something really refreshing about mornings that makes me feel a bit more calm about the tasks i have to do ahead of me.

2. Do something to increase your heart rate
I've started cycling every morning and even when i really really really don't want to, i force myself and finish feeling like i have a lot more energy and that i've took one more step towards being a fitter and healthier person every time i walk through the door after a challenging, refreshing bike ride. I also love to do this as i'm lucky enough to live in the countryside when i'm home from uni, so it gives me that time away from the hustle and bustle of the internet, the city and just some time away to enjoy the scenery. Obviously it doesn't have to be a cycle ride everyday as a lot of you have to be up early everyday for work, but even a mini work out routine in your bedroom before showering and getting ready for work just to pump you up for the day ahead!

3. Read something which makes you think
Whether it be a news article, an interesting blog post or a book, reading something to learn everyday is so important for our mental health. Basically since i've finished uni and i'm not learning tonnes of pretty complicated biology and chemistry everyday, i'm pretty paranoid my brain is just going to start wasting away by the second. Obviously this isn't true but hopefully learning something new and interesting everyday will keep the brain alive!

4. Give someone a compliment/do a good deed
I don't know about you, but its hard to beat that feeling of warmth you get by giving someone a compliment and seeing them smile. Even though what i just said is extreeemmmleyy corny, it still doesn't take away the fact that its true. It makes the other person feel good, and in turn you feel good for making them happy, which makes you even happier for the rest of the day!

5. Have a healthy breakfast
I am very guilty for hardly ever doing this, however i have been trying to incorporate this into my morning routine more, as it has huge benefits. Even though you love that full english fry up or that sausage and egg mcmuffin, eating them for breakfast can make you feel bloated, lethargic and just basically crappy for the rest of the day. I like to visualise the food i eat, turning into how i'm going to feel for the rest of the day. If i start the day off with a huge unhealthy breakfast full of trans and saturated fats, salt and sugar, i'm going to feel awful for the rest of the day. If i put in the right fuel i.e oats, granola, fruit, greens, then its going to be the right food for my body to feel good for the rest of the day.

6. Cleanse your face
This one may seem really obvious and most of you probably do it anyway, but i am so guilty of having those lazy, off days and just skip this step completely. If you're waking up early, you're going to feel especially tired and groggy as you wake up and giving your face a good old cleanse and clean makes me feel instantly refreshed and awake.

I know most of these are kinda obvious but even small changes like these can have a huge impact on general wellbeing. Please leave me any tips i may have missed out in the comments!


Rachel x


White Now

shorts - missguided
sandals - asos

This little body from american apparel is probably one of the most versatile pieces i have in my wardrobe. I bought the back version a few years back and i have literally wore it to death with a combination of jeans/skirts/shorts etc. and i took the plunge to buy the white one recently as even though it is pricey for what it is, the quality and wear you get out of this item is well worth it. I teamed the trusty body with these comfy and trusty missguided white denim shorts which served me well whilst i was on my travels in thailand!

p.s still want to apologise for the poor camera photos whilst i wait for mine to get fixed! :(

Rachel x



Neutrogena Lovin'

I've always been a big fan of Neutrogena, ever since I purchased the visibly clear 2-in-1 face mask from watching Essie Button's review on it. So after this i decided to branch out and see what else Neutrogena had in the similar kind of department for face washes/scrubs so i came back with the pink grapefuit and spot stress control as I am having a serious case of acne melt down right now! Obviously I am nowhere near a beauty expert or beauty blogger but i thought i would just share my experiences of using these products:

Visibly Clear 2-in-1 Wash and Mask
This product is great for taking off makeup as it really gets into the pores and theres no makeup residue left over on the flannel when i'm drying! It also has a 'cooling' effect meaning that when i wash off, i feel refreshed and more awake for the day. Being able to leave it on and have it act as a mask is also a bonus, which is definitely clearing up my acne.

Visibly Clear Pink Grapefruit Daily Scrub
This scrub is a mild, soft scrub which i would even go as far as saying its more like a gel. I don't know about you but i like my scrubs to feel...'scrubby'. The wash is a thick liquid, which is also refreshing and smells divine! However it doesn't remove makeup as well as the wash and mask so i would definitely suggest using a cleanser beforehand. After washing my skin feels clean and moisturised, and i would definitely recommend this for dry skin.

Visibly Clear Spot Stress Control Daily Scrub
This product really is a mix between the two mentioned above. It has the refreshing feeling of the wash and mask, however it has a more abrasive scrub property than the grapefuit. This product definitely isn't as thick as the previous, however it left my skin feeling squeaky clean. Still wouldn't recommend this to remove makeup, so a cleanser beforehand is ideal.

Rachel x



5 Important Travelling Tips

I can't believe its been 3 weeks since i returned home from my month in Thailand. It was my first backpacking trip away so I went into it head first but also knowing i would make many rookie mistakes having never done this type of thing before. So here i've basically compiled a list of a few simple things to make a backpacking experience just a little bit easier!

1. Split your money. 
When travelling carry your money in a few separate places, that way if a bag is stolen or you are pick-pocketed, the person doesn't run off with all your money!

2. Always have multiple copies of important documents and passport 
You don't want to be stranded in a foreign country having lost your ticket/passport or injured with no copy of your insurance policy!

3. Take a medication possibilities for most general things that could possibly go wrong:
-throat lozenges
-mosquito repellent
-bite/rash cream
-anti diarrhoea
-ion replenishments

4. Always carry water with you, everywhere.
The worst thing that could happen is ending up in an unfamiliar area or a large historical site and realising you have no water, and you won't be in a town or see a shop for hours. Being hot and dehydrated is seriously dangerous and i encountered this occasionally in Thailand, so believe me when i say this is an important tip! 

5. Pack socks and a scarf in your hand luggage.
Sometimes the air con in planes is chilly, very chilly. Also if you're on a long flight and want to put your feet up, gracing everyone with the presence of your bare feet definitely isn't a pleasant experience. A scarf is something i forgot to pack, however i learnt the hard way that i definitely shouldn't have over looked it. Light scarves are versatile for blankets when its chilly on the plane, cover ups when going to a temple or a pillow when sleeping on the road. Definitely something i'd take next time.

Rachel x


Jet Setting

hat - primark
top - asos
skirt - newlook
sandals - asos

My first outfit post in a while! I've spent the past week living out of my suitcase literally as i've been all over the country going to multiple job interviews, so i've only had time for non-outfit related posts. However I'm home now and playing the waiting game so definitely have some more relaxing time on my hands.

I basically wore this outfit for my graduation minus the sandals and floppy hat so i thought i'd do a proper post on it as it can be worn for dressy or casual. I ultimately cannot get enough of this newlook skirt, as the variation in stripe thickness just makes the skirt look and feel more expensive then it actually is and makes a perfect match when paired with my beloved lace up sandals. My photos are still going to be poor quality for a while as my camera has sadly gone to camera hospital for a repair so everything has to be taken via my iphone!

Rachel x