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First of all i would like to apologise. I somehow managed to break my camera in Thailand and now all photos that i attempt to take with it turn out blurry, unfocused, poor quality and it just can't pick up any detail what so ever! So these photos are probably the worst quality photos i've put up on this blog, hence why i haven't enlarged them as i'd look like a pixelated mess.

I bought this lovely, casual knitted bralet for my travels in thailand, however i somehow failed to take any outfit posts over there as i was just so hot and sweaty the whole time, i never even gave a second thought about being 'fashionable' the whole time i was there! So i thought i'd style it with a more England weather appropriate climate, which to be honest is where most of you readers are anyway. For only a few pounds, this top is super comfy and perfect for styling up or for casual whilst on holiday!

Also apologies that you can see the top of my scar poking through around my belly button, didn't mean to frighten anyone!

Rachel x

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