I Graduated!

Finally after 3 long (not long enough) hard years at the University of Liverpool I graduated with a BSc (Hons) in Pharmacology (2:1) on Wednesday. University has probably been the best experience i've had throughout my life and to any of you considering it, i would definitely just say- do it! As long as you don't mind a messy kitchen now and again and mismatched furniture with NOWHERE to take decent blog photos, the social life, barely any responsibilities and the uni life atmosphere and the lifelong friends you make more than make up for it. 

I thought i'd write a few words on what i actually studied as I have never actually shared on my blog the degree i was studying, so if you are not interested, please skip this next paragraph! I studied my degree in Pharmacology, which is for those of you who aren't familiar with it, basically the study of how drugs interact with our biological systems and the research of new drug development. I really don't know and cannot explain how i became interested in this as a degree and when i suddenly 'decided' i wanted to study this course, because all i remember was coming across the degree on the uni website and as i was already doing well in maths, chemistry and biology i thought 'that sounds alright'. I didn't anticipate how much i would love studying the intricate details of how scientists develop drugs and all the research that goes into trying to design cures for crippling diseases. 

Now onto the big wide world and i'm still not completely sure of what i want to do. One of my main priorities is to really put everything into my blog and get it growing again, as the past few months of revision, being seriously ill and my month travelling in thailand have all taken a hit on the blog, however i plan to post so much more and i'm so glad I can come back to it with a complete fresh start now. Anyway i look forward to seeing you in my next post which will be a wrap up of my month of backpacking round Thailand.

Rachel x


  1. Ramida Dusdeevutikul24 July 2015 at 19:27

    con grats dear! you look gorgeous!


  2. Congratulations! Cute outfit

    Agnes x


  3. Welcome back to the blogging world again and most importantly congratulations on graduating <3 <3 <3 Such an interesting degree---are you planning to get your masters in it?
    She Will Be

  4. thankyou! and i really have no idea if i will or not, i'm too busy taking some chill out time and i can't come back to the real world yet! xo

  5. Congratulations Rachel! That's such an amazing achievement, and it sounds like you had an awesome experience at uni too, which is fab! x


  6. How awesome, congrats girl.

    Happy to have u back on your, have been missing you haha :)

    Much Love, M

  7. Congrats on your graduation! It's such a great feeling of achievement to know all your hard work has paid off :) Excited to see how your blog develops now xx

    Love and Marmalade

  8. Ohh congratulations!! What a amazing experience. And you look lovely, beauty & brains!

    Annabel ♥
    Mascara & Maltesers

  9. thanks so much, i have tonnes planned! xo

  10. Huge congratulations to you! Pharmacology sounds like a immensely interesting degree, and it great to hear that you enjoyed studying it. I love your graduation outfit too, you look stunning :)

    Fii | little miss fii

  11. Woo, congrats on graduating! Sounds like you studied a really interesting degree. Are you job hunting in a related field? Happy to see you're getting back into blogging!


  12. http://heyitshannaah.blogspot.co.uk/">Hannah | Heyitshannaah

  13. yeah attempting to job hunt in the field but not ready to enter working life yet haha xo

  14. thankyou! its a top and skirt, the skirts from asos :) xo

  15. Well done! Super proud of you and you look gorgeous in your graduation pictures too!
    Plus your degree sounds absolutely fascinating, I really wish that I was academic enough to study something like that but I was always horrendous at maths and science! xo
    A Manchester Fashion & Lifestyle Blog


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