Dairy Free & Vegan Chocolate and Banana Ice Cream

Not many of you know, but I'm lactose intolerant. That means eating foods with milk make me pretty ill so i have to stay away from the amazing yummy foods such as: milkshakes, cheese and also ICE CREAM. Before my operation, i was on a bit of a health kick when trying to get into shape for my Thailand holiday and started searching for alternatives to unhealthy foods. I came across this amaaazing idea on YouTube and i planned to try it out. However, this all went out the window, along with the healthy eating after my operation as my main goal switched to putting on weight! However now i'm home and healthy i decided to try this idea out. 

The ingredients (for 1 person) are:
- 2 medium bananas (the riper the better as they tend to taste sweeter)
- 1 and a half tablespoons of cocoa powder

What you will need: 
- a blender
- a bowl (duh)

The night before you want to make this, break up 2 bananas and pop them in a bag/box and into the freezer overnight.

The next day, take your bananas out of the freezer and pop them into the blender and blend them up to a nice thick, creamy consistancy. Note- this does take a while to do and you may have to keep turning the blender on/off to stir it up and break up banana.

Next, add 1 and a half tablespoons of cocoa powder. I use supernutrients which i bought from Holland and Barrett. Then mix in and you end up with an amazing, healthy and vegan friendly alternative to ice cream!

Hope this gives you some ideas for a guilty free, sweet fix!

Rachel x



top - primark
bomber - topshop
culottes - asos

First of all i would like to apologise. I somehow managed to break my camera in Thailand and now all photos that i attempt to take with it turn out blurry, unfocused, poor quality and it just can't pick up any detail what so ever! So these photos are probably the worst quality photos i've put up on this blog, hence why i haven't enlarged them as i'd look like a pixelated mess.

I bought this lovely, casual knitted bralet for my travels in thailand, however i somehow failed to take any outfit posts over there as i was just so hot and sweaty the whole time, i never even gave a second thought about being 'fashionable' the whole time i was there! So i thought i'd style it with a more England weather appropriate climate, which to be honest is where most of you readers are anyway. For only a few pounds, this top is super comfy and perfect for styling up or for casual whilst on holiday!

Also apologies that you can see the top of my scar poking through around my belly button, didn't mean to frighten anyone!

Rachel x


Trip Of A Lifetime - Thailand

As some of you may have realised I've spent the past month galavanting round Thailand, which was one of the main reasons I've been so quiet on the blog front lately. This time last year i knew i wanted to take a big long trip away from home this summer, but had a bit of a pickle deciding where. I naturally came to Thailand as the conclusion as:

1. Its (extremely) cheap
2. Its hot and sunny
3. I'm half thai and therefor have half my family there to visit
4. Thai culture is amazing and the landscapes are seriously stunning

So on 16th June my boyfriend and I packed our bags and set off for our 24hr trip to Bangkok! An overview of our itinerary basically went: Bangkok -> Hua Hin -> Phuket -> Khao Sok -> Krabi -> Koh Phi Phi -> Koh Phangan -> Koh Tao -> Chiang Mai -> Petchabun -> Bangkok and home! Writing that list out of all the places we visited definitely didn't feel like a lot at the time, however feels like we visited quite a bit now I'm staring at those places written in front of me! We also tried to fit in Koh Samui, the national marine park and Pai, however we couldn't possibly fit everything in with the time restraints that we had. 

Obviously i'm not going to sit here and type out everything we did, otherwise i'd be here all day! However I would seriously recommend seeing 'Muay Thai' in Bangkok and ONLY Bangkok as all the touristy areas of the southern islands like to put on 'thai boxing shows' and advertise it as genuine boxing, however it is literally just a boxing show for tourists! The Muay Thai in Bangkok is genuine and you can definitely tell as the stadiums are huge and packed out full of thai people! Hua Hin i would definitely recommend for the amazing night markets and Patong in Phuket literally has the craziest nights out! I would also recommend kayaking through the beautiful Khao Sok national park and staying in a cabin by the gorgeous lake, which the water is so clean you can actually drink straight from it. Krabi is surrounded by the most beautiful islands which you can snorkel round and of course, Koh Phi Phi is home to the beautiful Maya Bay which was the filming site for the film 'The Beach' and became a life goal of mine to visit all those years ago after watching the film.

I also took an SSI diving qualification course and had the BEST time with Big Blue Diving school in Koh Tao, which is the cheapest and in one of the top 20 places to dive in the world! I have a few tips and advice posts coming up to do with travelling and Thailand so I'll save minute details for those posts, however I just wanted to give a general overview of the best trip of my life so far just to give any ideas to those of you thinking of travelling over there. We filmed all of the trip so here is the vlog I put together, condensing a months worth of footage into 3 and a half minutes! Please give it a like and subscribe to my channel! I'm only a beginner, however I have uncovered a hidden love for photography and film making, so i'm hoping to create many more videos like this and keep improving.

Rachel x


I Graduated!

Finally after 3 long (not long enough) hard years at the University of Liverpool I graduated with a BSc (Hons) in Pharmacology (2:1) on Wednesday. University has probably been the best experience i've had throughout my life and to any of you considering it, i would definitely just say- do it! As long as you don't mind a messy kitchen now and again and mismatched furniture with NOWHERE to take decent blog photos, the social life, barely any responsibilities and the uni life atmosphere and the lifelong friends you make more than make up for it. 

I thought i'd write a few words on what i actually studied as I have never actually shared on my blog the degree i was studying, so if you are not interested, please skip this next paragraph! I studied my degree in Pharmacology, which is for those of you who aren't familiar with it, basically the study of how drugs interact with our biological systems and the research of new drug development. I really don't know and cannot explain how i became interested in this as a degree and when i suddenly 'decided' i wanted to study this course, because all i remember was coming across the degree on the uni website and as i was already doing well in maths, chemistry and biology i thought 'that sounds alright'. I didn't anticipate how much i would love studying the intricate details of how scientists develop drugs and all the research that goes into trying to design cures for crippling diseases. 

Now onto the big wide world and i'm still not completely sure of what i want to do. One of my main priorities is to really put everything into my blog and get it growing again, as the past few months of revision, being seriously ill and my month travelling in thailand have all taken a hit on the blog, however i plan to post so much more and i'm so glad I can come back to it with a complete fresh start now. Anyway i look forward to seeing you in my next post which will be a wrap up of my month of backpacking round Thailand.

Rachel x