How I Nearly Died/ Where Have I Been?

So... long time no blog. Even sitting down to type out this post seems so surreal as i've been 'off the scene' for such a long time, so long i can't even remember when my last post was. A lot has happened since my last post that it seems strange i'm about to share some crazy story that actually happened to me. This is going to be a long post, so grab that cup of tea and get cosy.

A few weeks ago i developed a stomach ache which honestly felt like any other kind of stomach ache so i did what everyone else usually does and i drank some water, took some pain killers and tried to sleep it off. However as time went on it got steadily worse and worse, to the point where i was up all night crying in agony from the feeling of my stomach being on fire-which is the closest kind of way i can try and put it out to people. I woke my boyfriend up at 5am and we went to A&E which is the LAST place i wanted to go as i absolutely try anything to get out of going to the doctors and hospitals but this pain just felt different, like i just had to be in a hospital. Liverpool Royal A&E was thankfully empty and i was seen to straight away. No tests were done apart from a urine test to see if i was pregnant (which i wasn't) and the doctor had a feel and poke around at my stomach which was still in absolute agony. I told them i felt sick and i was put on a drip for an hour or so and told that i had gastroenteritis which would last 12-24 hours and i wasn't to eat until the stomach pain went away. Bearing in mind by this point i had already had these stomach pains for 12hrs already. So i was sent home.

Once home there was no improvement. I couldn't eat and i was vomiting so my body just wasn't getting any nutrients. I was taking as many painkillers as possibly allowed, however it was barely even touching the kind of pain i was in. I basically slept for 2 days while my boyfriend steadily brought me hot water bottles and pain killers to my bedside. My parents back home in yorkshire were obviously sending me worrying texts every hour and offered to pick me up, which i thought was unnecessary for something which i told would pass after a day or two. By monday, my boyfriend had uni and work to do so i was home alone trying to look after myself. As i literally could not even move from my bed, all i ate all day was a packet of crisps and i'd also developed a fever, sweating and then changing to shivering in bed within a matter of minutes. By this point i knew i needed proper care so my hero dad drove a 5hr round trip to Liverpool to take me home.

Once I arrived back home, my parents took to forcing meals down me as i had lost quite a few pounds by this point. Eating was painful and made me feel nauseous, however i steadily tried to eat more and more. This kind of care carried on a few more days until it came to 6days after i had originally felt the initial stomach pain and i was still curled up in a ball on the sofa in pain, and still going through sleepless nights from the pain. By this point, my dad sensed that this kind of pain just wasn't normal and he took me to Hull Royal A&E. The A&E here was absolutely rammed and it took 7hrs of waiting, blood tests and X-rays until i was finally seen by a doctor. After this conversation, i was referred to surgeons.  They explained that my initial stomach pain had been an appendicitis and they couldn't believe i had been suffering this long with this kind of pain, as appendix's are usually removed a day after people have an appendicitis, however as mine was misdiagnosed, this obviously didn't happen. 

The surgeons explained to me, a standard appendectomy involves a simple key hole surgery where i'll have two tiny incisions, one for a camera and one to remove the appendix and i could be out within a day or two. However they warned me that as i had been suffering so long with mine, there could be complications and the appendix would be harder to removed and they may need to make a bigger incision. Then i was admitted into the hospital and spent the next few hours sleeping and waiting for my surgery. 

The next day, i was put in a sexy hospital gown and  asked lots of details and given lots of painkillers. I was then wheeled down to surgery, which is probably one of the most scariest experiences i have had, knowing i was about to be cut up and had no idea what was going to happen. Being 'put under' was probably one of the strangest experiences i've also had to go through, as all the combination of drugs made me feel light headed, with the feeling of ice cold running from my fingertips upwards. I was then put to sleep and within what felt like a matter on minutes, i woke up in a complete confusion daze.

My bed was surrounded by people in scrubs asking me tons of questions which i could barely answer form the incredible intense ripping pain i felt through my stomach and the feeling of wanting to throw up any minute. After a full day of sleeping, the doctor came to see me the next day and told me that basically my appendix had burst and i quote 'it was like a bomb explosion in your stomach' and my body had tried to compensate by forming an abscess a 1/4 the size of my whole stomach to protect its self round the burst appendix. The doctor said toxins and other horrible infection-like substances were everywhere in my gut and it all had to be taken out and cleaned and i was lucky, because if it had been left a few more days, i would've developed sepsis and died.

Hearing what had happened was shocking to my ears, that something this bad had actually happened to me, and with my final university exams in two weeks, panic set in. I won't go into the recovery period as, quite frankly it was the worst week of my entire life. I spent a week in hospital in absolute agony, no food and constant vomiting, to the point where i was so weak and dazed that i couldn't even talk and definitely couldn't sit or stand. The doctors had to make a huge incision all the way down my stomach to get my abscess out, so it looks like i won't be flaunting any kind of abs on the beach this summer in thailand. I would show a photo of my scar, however i've saved it for another post and also didn't want to freak out the squeamish people reading this.

Now i'm back at uni revising for my finals and its been two weeks since my op. I can walk and eat-slowly and my whole ordeal made me lost over half a stone, and my current weight is 7 stone 11lbs... not healthy for someone of 5ft 5 like me. Before my operation i had become basically obsessed with losing weight and going to the gym and eating healthy for my upcoming holiday and all i can say is be careful what you wish for. I'm glad i'm still here and my amazing family and friends and boyfriend have been absolute stars whilst i've been ill. Just wanted to share this story incase anyone else has this kind of issue.. do not stand for being misdiagnosed as it cost me my whole stomach, pain, time and has probably messed up my exams. However i'm so thankful to still be here and hopefully can get back into the swing of blogging very soon.

Well done if you made it this far!

Rachel x


May Blogger Lovin'

Kaitlyn seriously has my dream wardrobe. her styling is impeccable and her blog photography is always on point. She makes monochrome look so sophisticated, classy and just... i wish i could look this cool!

I'm in such envy of carmen's simplistic and classy wardrobe, with every outfit of hers always looking effortlessly chic!

I've recently been thinking of adapting my diet to a more vegan based diet, and this lady's blog, but mainly her youtube channel is full of motivation, meal ideas and holiday body inspiration! I have been addicted to her youtube channel recently.

I'm being a bit cheeky and sneaking my own boyfriend's blog into this post, which he doesn't know of yet! He's only just starting out and it focuses mainly on maintaining a positive outlook on life, with a bit of a mental health diary, tips and the occasional men's fashion thrown in. I always admire how well he can write, while i'm sat here trying to thesaurus every other word i use! so please give him a little look if you have the time!

These are just a few blogs i've been enjoying especially the last couple of weeks. I'm steadily growing back motivation for my blog after having a huge chunk of time out. I can't even give any explanation other than the fact that i just felt uninspired, and was falling out of love with my blog which really really brought me down. however i'm getting back into the swing of things, but it may be a while until my next outfit post due to my current illness situation!



The Statement Necklace and Trip To A&E

Sorry there hasn't been a post in a while, I basically had agonising stomach cramps on friday which resulted in myself ending up at A&E at 6am on a saturday morning and have literally been bed bound and eaten next to nothing since, due to gastroenteritis...not pleasant! However my superhero dad drove a 6hr round trip to pick me up from uni to bring me home to nurse me back to health! So i've just eaten my first meal since friday and im feeling well enough to do a blog post!

Recently i have been obsessed with this girls instagram and her jewellery which she designs and makes herself?!? Which inspired me to go out of my comfort zone and start wearing statement necklaces to add a bit extra to simple outfits! I'm in love with this forever 21 necklace, and they also have a huge range of more statement necklaces to choose from! I literally only bought this the other week and i can't find it online anymore, however i've linked some similar, gorg necklaces i've found online!



Wide Leg

Finally there is an outfit post on this blog! I've literally seen this jumpsuit everywhere on instagram so sorry if this is such a repeated item of clothing in the blogosphere. I'm in love with this amazing style of this jumpsuit, which is actually from Charlotte from G shore's clothing line on inthestyle. The fit is perfect and the wide leg gives such a 70s vibe about this outfit, without being too over poweringly-so!

I also found it so hard to just buy one item of clothing from Charlotte's range so definitely go check it out as there are some amazing pieces for summer there!



May Wishlist


These are a few bits and pieces which have caught my eye recently online... sorry its so heavily topshop based but i am LOVING topshop ss15 at the moment. My lack of posts streak is still going strong and very real, i'm finding it harder and harder to post due to deadlines, revision and spending half of my life at the gym attempting to get beach body ready for my thailand trip next month! 

I am in love with these zara mules and definitely thinking of starting a huge mule collection lately as there are some amazing ones currently in stores. There will definitely be some summer and thailand related posts coming your way soon, however posts may be a bit sparse within the coming few weeks as i'm currently trying to make the most of my last few weeks EVER of university!