Soho Revue

When i was in london last week, my boyfriend and I decided to do a tour of a few galleries we had on the list to see which included this stunning gallery called Soho Revue. Located a few mins walk from Tottenham Court Road station, this little place only opened on April 14th and has received a high amount of press, including quite a few familiar celeb faces present on the opening night. 

The gallery itself is composed of 3 rooms: 2 open rooms with some stunning modern art and a 3rd, dark room where a short film was playing. The thing that striked me about the film was the fact it was shown on 3 huge screens simultaneously, however portraying different views of the same scene, allowing the viewer to see a situation from multiple view points, something which i have never come across before and was extremely unique. Another lovely factor of the gallery was in the 2nd room, where around 15 sheets of extremely thin fabric, each with different photos printed on them were hung in the centre of the room, to give a lovely effect when viewed from the front. The staff gave us a hugely warm welcome when we arrived and we were offered a personal show around the gallery. Its free to get in and a lovely place to slot into your london day out so i would definitely recommend a visit!




  1. This looks amazing! I'm a huge gallery fiend and I've never heard of this one so it's definitely going to have to go on my "to visit" list x



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