Juicing On A Budget

I'm not going to sit here and write a blogpost all about healthy juices and what you should be/should not be putting in them, whether you should be doing it or even giving recipes. I started making these smoothies/juices as i came to a point last year when i realised i hadn't eaten fruit in 6 months (?!?!?!) and i felt constantly sluggish and fatigued by my innutritious diet. I decided that i needed to look after my body, and my body will only produce the output of what i put in, and if i'm constantly putting crap into my body, thats whats going to happen to my insides. You only have one body, so i vowed to treat mine like a temple, and feed it pure, healthy foods as best i can, which is something i have kept up since the new year and the changes i have felt have been amazing. I've cut out plenty of foods and replaced them with healthier alternatives, however of course i have the odd 'cheat day' as pizza will always have a place in my heart. However, talking about the healthy choices i have recently made will be another blog post. 

Having these juices once a day/once every few days has been a great way for me to have multiple fruits with spinach and kale in one easy way. Theres loads of blogs and reviews raving about this and theres also many slating this method of 'healthy eating' however to me, this was healthier then the diet i was previously on so i've stuck to it for now. I don't really stick with any super food recipes as such, as i'm not a huge fan of the veggie smoothies and being a poor student, i basically just go with whatever i have in. However i've found a few ways to make the pennies last a little bit longer as this juicing/smoothie thing is pretty expensive to keep up!

1. Stock up on frozen berries
If you want to add berries to your smoothie, consider stocking up on frozen berries and keep them in the freezer. I am not the first person to realise that fresh berries, such as: strawberries, raspberries, blueberries etc are unbelievably expensive, and i can definitely eat a whole packet in one sitting. Frozen berries come in a larger packets, with more in and for cheaper! They also won't go off if you don't get round to eating them before the use by date.

2. Bulk it up with kale or spinach
I always have the kale or spinach forming the majority of my smoothie, just as its the part thats healthiest for you, with the least sugar. Kale and spinach are also dirt cheap, so bulking with these is favourable if you're on a budget.

3. Use water
This may not apply to everyone but i know some recipes include yoghurt, milk or coconut water. Buying these in just for making juices can sometimes be unnecessary and pricey just for the sake of having juice, so replacing these items with water can definitely do the job in making a more liquid, and drinkable juice.

4. Buy whole fruits
Out of pure laziness i used to just buy the pre sliced fruits in packets from the supermarkets, however i didn't realise how much cheaper just buying a whole of that certain fruit was and how much more fruit you get from it as well. This may seem obvious, but if its not just buy the whole fruit and chop it yourself, laziness is definitely more expensive! 

5. Buy local produce
I still have yet to take my own advice here as its pretty hard for me to do where i live, however when i come home, my parents always buy fruit from the market and they get so much more for their money, and somehow the fruit always tends to last longer! 

I hope some of these tips helped!
Rachel x


  1. Great tips! Kale & spinach are great for bulking as you can hardly taste them with fruit :). I've been bulk buying and freezing fruit&veg from Aldi and it's been so cheap!


  2. This was such a great post to read! I've been meaning to get into juicing lately and now know how to do it on a budget, thanks lovely! :)

  3. Love this!


  4. aw thanks i'm glad its helped! xo

  5. aldi is amazing for food, especially expensive healthy foods! and completely agree, i can never taste the spinach and kale in my smoothies xo

  6. I love health juices, not because I'm particularly obsessed with health but rather because these kinds of smoothies are just so GOOD. Loved this post!

    The Indigo Moods

  7. Great post, I love juicing but it can be expensive, so thanks for sharing these tips :)

    Camille xo


  8. Ugh this makes me want to start juicing, I have Nutra Bullet and never use it.


  9. i'm so jealous you have a nutri bullet! my little blender is so cheap and takes ages to blend all the fruit haha xo

  10. they're so good arent they? i've heard all the sugar from all this fruit all at once is quite bad for you but i can't help it! xo

  11. Definitely need to get into this more seriously, currently lacking a blender at uni sadly </3 So right about the expense of pre cut fruit though, Tesco must be making a fortune of pre cut pineapple alone!:') Also, am I right in thinking you're at Liv uni? I swear I saw the vine court sign in the back of one of your outfit photos:')

    //teandtwosugars.blogspot.com xx

  12. This looks so delicious. Smoothies are always my favorite way to start the day!


  13. Some good juicing tips here Rach! kale and spinach definitely bulk it up but my favourites are the frozen berries, nom nom nom :)

    Growing Positive


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