The Stephen Wiltshire Gallery

This post was supposed to go up weeks ago, however lots of work/uni commitments literally have my my hands tied, with my dissertation deadline this friday so sorry there hasn't been a post in a week! Anyways, i went to visit the Stephen Wiltshire gallery when i was in London the other week and i was in such awe at his amazing work i had to do a blogpost on it. 

If you've never heard of Stephen Wiltshire before (where have you been?) he is basically a young man with autism who has the most incredible memory and can draw skylines with amazing detail after a 20min helicopter ride over a city. He's drawn the skylines of New York, London, Singapore and Sydney taking up to weeks to draw from memory after seeing them. The gallery is located in the stunning Royal Opera Arcade, London's oldest shopping arcade and is a cute and bright little space filled with his drawings and information on his life/career.

If you're ever in the area, i would definitely recommend this as a cute little place to visit, which will definitely open your eyes to how AMAZING of a talent Stephen Wiltshire has and also how very jealous i became whilst attempting to draw a stick man.



Soho Revue

When i was in london last week, my boyfriend and I decided to do a tour of a few galleries we had on the list to see which included this stunning gallery called Soho Revue. Located a few mins walk from Tottenham Court Road station, this little place only opened on April 14th and has received a high amount of press, including quite a few familiar celeb faces present on the opening night. 

The gallery itself is composed of 3 rooms: 2 open rooms with some stunning modern art and a 3rd, dark room where a short film was playing. The thing that striked me about the film was the fact it was shown on 3 huge screens simultaneously, however portraying different views of the same scene, allowing the viewer to see a situation from multiple view points, something which i have never come across before and was extremely unique. Another lovely factor of the gallery was in the 2nd room, where around 15 sheets of extremely thin fabric, each with different photos printed on them were hung in the centre of the room, to give a lovely effect when viewed from the front. The staff gave us a hugely warm welcome when we arrived and we were offered a personal show around the gallery. Its free to get in and a lovely place to slot into your london day out so i would definitely recommend a visit!




Marble Overload

sandals  - topshop
watch - asos

The other day whilst i was in london, my boyfriend, knowing my obsession with black/white/marble surprised me by taking me to this amazing spot in the V&A museum, knowing that it would look amazing as a background for these photos. I was literally in marble overload and was amazed there was such a place that existed like this! This outfit was definitely weather appropriate as London was like a sauna! 

Theres currently an Alexander Mcqueen exhibition here and even if you don't go for the amazing exhibition, definitely visit for this stunning decor!

Rachel x


Fuschia White Showcase

Yesterday i was lucky enough to jump on a train to london and visit the Fuschia White Showcase in the stunning Athenaeum Hotel in Mayfair. Fuschia White is a relatively new brand, however displaying some gorgeous pieces which i'm definitely lusting over for summer! The brand was established by North-West based sisters Lubaina and Lamya Karimjee who wanted to create a website that focused more on quality than quantity and you can definitely see and feel that when browsing through the pieces. We also got to see how certain pieces looked on these stunning models, whilst also given the option to try on whatever we liked!

I spent the rest of the afternoon exploring (and drinking) in the knightsbridge and chelsea area which was absolutely stunning. I'm still in London for a few days and making a weekend out of it so please give me some suggestions on how to use up the rest of my time here, its been blaadddyy boiling! definitely not like this up north!



Topshop Maxi

jacket - river island
shoes - zara

I recently bought this jersey black maxi for comfy wear whilst im on my 15hr flight in 2 months, and yes it was buying it WELL in advance, but theres no harm in being prepared and wearing it to death before i even board. I don't know about you but i NEED comfort over anything else when on a long haul flight, but i didn't want to wear leggings etc as i'd have to carry those around for a month in my backpack whilst not getting any wear out of them. Buying a maxi was definitely more holiday appropriate and also appropriate for visiting places which only allow entry if you're covered up. Although its hard to tell, the dress is square necked which is a neckline i'm currently obsessed with- so much i went out and splashed out on 5 items with the same neckline and didn't realise till i came home!



April Wishlist


These are a few of the things that have caught my eye recently in the online store world. I'm currently on the hunt for a pair of EXTREMELY comfy sandals for trekking around thailand in and these vagabond sliders look insane. I'm also in love with the unique design of these sunglasses! Also now we're going through spring, its bomber jackets and leather jacket season again, hurraah!




My Top 10 Travel Bucket List

Leaving uni in a few months, i've been doing A LOT of thinking about what i actually want to do with my life, and where i want to be and what i want to experience. A lot of my friends want to get married, settle and have kids and i really could not think of anything worse for my near future, well at least for the next 10 years. Is it strange to see a child/baby and not even experience that alien 'broody' feeling? Anyway, i came to the conclusion that i want to travel, i want to see the world and experience as much of the earth and different cultures that i can before i die. Memories to me, are worth so much more then any material item and i've made a list of the top 10 places i want to visit before i die, which was hard to whittle down as there is so much to see! So if any of you are thinking of taking a life changing trip, here are a few suggestions of some amazing places:

1. the maldives
To me, this place looks like a little slice of paradise in the middle of the ocean and is definitely where i want to go for my honeymoon. I also read the other day that the Maldives are slowly sinking due to rising sea levels and probably won't be around in the next 60years! now all i need is a husband and LOTS of money...

2. Moscow, Russia
The architecture in Moscow looks absolutely stunning and unique, which i would love to experience first hand. The Kremlin looks especially stunning!

3. reykjavik, iceland
This place looks amazing and i would desperately want to see the northern lights in a place like this. The Blue Lagoon is supposed to be an amazing attraction here also.

4. the great barrier reef, Australia
I've always been fascinated with sea and ocean life and this is probably one of the top places in the whole world for diving to see the amazing underwater life!

5. the grand canyon, arizona, USA
Sometimes it just amazes me that this kind of terrain and temperature are actually part of the same planet which i live on. I've never seen or experienced any kind of desert or real extreme heat and this would definitely be an amazing view.

6. new york city, new york, USA
The biggest city i've ever been to is London and when i visited for the first time, i was in absolute awe at how huge and built up it was. I'm literally from a little town in the middle of nowhere so visiting New York would be like a whole other world of countless sky scrapers. I also want to experience american culture such as going to baseball games etc.
7. Thailand
I've not named any specific city here, as i actually want to visit it all. From Chiang Mai to Bangkok to island hopping- all of it. I've been sneaky and put this in here because in 3 months i'll be able to tick it off as i've booked travelling round here for a whole month from June-July!

8. Zhangjiajie National Forest Park, China
The landscape here is just amazing, and is the place that inspired the landscape which is so heavily featured in Avatar.

9. Auschwitz, Poland
Ever since studying the second world war at school and the unimaginable things that happened during it, I've wanted to visit the Auschwitz concentration camp to soak up the atmosphere and learn about the events that happened leading to the horrible murders of jews. It definitely won't be a happy trip, but would be a huge eye opener.

10. great wall of china, china
Visible from space, walking along this amazing work would be a huge accomplishment, especially for me seeing as i actually have issues walking any long distances due to my Freiberg's Disease. Photos taken here of the breath taking views would be amazing to look back on later in life, like yeah, i walked that.

Rachel x



Juicing On A Budget

I'm not going to sit here and write a blogpost all about healthy juices and what you should be/should not be putting in them, whether you should be doing it or even giving recipes. I started making these smoothies/juices as i came to a point last year when i realised i hadn't eaten fruit in 6 months (?!?!?!) and i felt constantly sluggish and fatigued by my innutritious diet. I decided that i needed to look after my body, and my body will only produce the output of what i put in, and if i'm constantly putting crap into my body, thats whats going to happen to my insides. You only have one body, so i vowed to treat mine like a temple, and feed it pure, healthy foods as best i can, which is something i have kept up since the new year and the changes i have felt have been amazing. I've cut out plenty of foods and replaced them with healthier alternatives, however of course i have the odd 'cheat day' as pizza will always have a place in my heart. However, talking about the healthy choices i have recently made will be another blog post. 

Having these juices once a day/once every few days has been a great way for me to have multiple fruits with spinach and kale in one easy way. Theres loads of blogs and reviews raving about this and theres also many slating this method of 'healthy eating' however to me, this was healthier then the diet i was previously on so i've stuck to it for now. I don't really stick with any super food recipes as such, as i'm not a huge fan of the veggie smoothies and being a poor student, i basically just go with whatever i have in. However i've found a few ways to make the pennies last a little bit longer as this juicing/smoothie thing is pretty expensive to keep up!

1. Stock up on frozen berries
If you want to add berries to your smoothie, consider stocking up on frozen berries and keep them in the freezer. I am not the first person to realise that fresh berries, such as: strawberries, raspberries, blueberries etc are unbelievably expensive, and i can definitely eat a whole packet in one sitting. Frozen berries come in a larger packets, with more in and for cheaper! They also won't go off if you don't get round to eating them before the use by date.

2. Bulk it up with kale or spinach
I always have the kale or spinach forming the majority of my smoothie, just as its the part thats healthiest for you, with the least sugar. Kale and spinach are also dirt cheap, so bulking with these is favourable if you're on a budget.

3. Use water
This may not apply to everyone but i know some recipes include yoghurt, milk or coconut water. Buying these in just for making juices can sometimes be unnecessary and pricey just for the sake of having juice, so replacing these items with water can definitely do the job in making a more liquid, and drinkable juice.

4. Buy whole fruits
Out of pure laziness i used to just buy the pre sliced fruits in packets from the supermarkets, however i didn't realise how much cheaper just buying a whole of that certain fruit was and how much more fruit you get from it as well. This may seem obvious, but if its not just buy the whole fruit and chop it yourself, laziness is definitely more expensive! 

5. Buy local produce
I still have yet to take my own advice here as its pretty hard for me to do where i live, however when i come home, my parents always buy fruit from the market and they get so much more for their money, and somehow the fruit always tends to last longer! 

I hope some of these tips helped!
Rachel x


Racing Stripes

culottes - asos
sandals - zara

Liverpool is probably one of the windiest places i have EVER been in. This wind definitely didnt help on my walk home from the gym the other day, so i thought i would save myself some cold and horrible-ness and take a short cut through topshop. This was particularly dangerous as i looked away from the path ahead of me, saw this top and a few other things and ended up spending major money. Word of caution: never use topshop as a shortcut ever again. However everything i bought was summer related which has me even more excited for the next few months! I travelled back home yesterday for easter and spent the majority of today having some quality time shopping and lunching with my little asian mum eating her favourite food: PIZZA. Even though I'm not here for long i'm making the most of it and have plenty of plans with old friends & fam. Whats everyone doing over the Easter break?

Rachel x