The Triangle Bra

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As the years have gone by since i started wearing a bra, i feel as though i have become wiser with age when choosing the right one. I have gradually strayed away from the push up/two-sizes-two-big-to-make-my-boobs-look-10x-bigger bras with the realisation that i'm never going to have boobs, why spend my whole life being miserable and attempting to pretend i do? I can spend the rest of my life living in comfy, effortless fabric, rather than being strapped into a tight, suffocating corset-type bra. So thats exactly what i did. After buying my first i was completely hooked by the comfort and elegance of the triangle bra so i just kept on buying more and more! My absolute favourite i own still has to be the original primark one which set me back a mere £2, however i love them all and definitely intend to add to the collection as they are so much cheaper than padded, proper bras. What do you think about triangle bras, yey or nay?

Rachel x


  1. I was exactly the same as you when I first wore a triangle bra! I'm disappointed that they're not actually more readily available even though they seem to be really popular. Yours look so lovely but I have sensitive skin so sometimes lace can be a nightmare for me. I bought about 6 from Jack Wills and I'm so in love with them. I can't believe how much more comfortable they are, especially without the underwire. I appreciate some people need the underwire, but if you don't need it I see no reason why you should be subject to the "bad bra", especially in this day and age. I haven't worn an underwire bra for so long, I'm not sure how I'd feel if I did wear one again...

    Sterling, XLeptodactylous

  2. These look really gorgeous, I'm definitely thinking about getting some. I find padded bras and underwired ones so uncomfortable and such a pain especially because I don't really need them. High street shops should look into introducing more triangle bras!


  3. i completely agree! and ooh i havent checked out jack wills actually, definitely next on my list ! xo

  4. there definitely is a gap in the market for a triangle bra shop! i'd do it if only i knew how haha xo

  5. I absolutely love them - especially when their all lace, looks so elegant!

    xo Mel || Sketch & Scribbles

  6. OMG, when did you get that primark one?!

    G x

  7. aah unfortunately it was around summer last year!! i'm keeping my eye out for more primark gems! xo

  8. pretty intimates :)


  9. I love lace bras especially the triangle ones! I've been hooked since shopping the Mimi Holliday range and love the ASOS ones <3 so comfy and perfect for summer xx


  10. yes to the triangle bra! and the Primark one! i would never think it was from Primark! gonna keep my eye out next time I go there!

  11. Oh my goodness YES, triangle bras are the best. It's times when I wear them that I don't feel as envious of bustier gals. I have a few from Aritzia that I absolutely love.

    Cindy // www.cindyhyue.com

  12. Love them! Definitely one for the smaller boobed gals - yay

    Charlotte / styleaked


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