Ombre Matte Nails

I've recently been really into attractive looking nails. When i was younger i never had the chance to be able to experiment with nails, as i needed short nails to play the piano and violin, and needed non painted nails for work. However in my current job as a sales assistant for Pandora, Thomas Sabo and other well known jewellery brands, my hands are the centre of attention a hell of a lot. Showing people jewellery, opening cabinets for customers, gift wrapping you name it. Theres no worse feeling of shame then unpainted, dirty messy nails. So recently i've been really into upkeep with them. As i'm so used to having short nails, i didn't want to go ahead and get acrylics straight away, as i still want the option of being able to switch back to short nails. So i opted for these fake grey/black gradient matte nails. They're simple enough to apply, using the adhesive tabs over the glue which has pros and cons within itself, however thats another post. 

They stayed on with a lot more 'staying power' than i thought they would, lasting around nearly a week and only coming off because i decided i wanted short nails again for a few days. Also at work i was receiving an unreal amount of compliments on them, with customers and staff shocked they were just a fake packet from boots! The only problem i experienced was that the matte coating started to peel off after a day or two. Now if you don't have a very hands-on job them this might not apply to you, however as I'm using my hands and nails a lot during the day and mostly not even caring about what happens to them, i noticed the matte covering coming off. After about 3 days i also noticed that the tips started to go white, however i wasn't sure if this was just me being careless or not again. However for the price, i would definitely suggest to try these nails if you fancy a mix up or if you're considering acrylics and want to try something similar before taking the plunge!

Rachel x


  1. They look gorgeous! I apply nails like this quite frequently but I've never seen these. xx

    Elise @ Elise Dopson

  2. thanks! and i know same, i bought them because i hadn't seen anything like these around before! xo

  3. These are gorgeous! Love them! So you too :)

    Hayley-Eszti | www.hayleyeszti.com

  4. They look pretty cool, not gonna lie. Needing some more matte in my life at the moment. Too bad the effect started coming off but still a bargain
    Growing Positive

  5. wow, your nails look so cool, these are different. xx


  6. In love with these <3 They may not last long, but having pretty nails for a day is worth it haha

    She Will Be

  7. Caitriona Tighe18 March 2015 at 01:17

    I love them omg. The staying power is actually pretty impressive too - I mean a week is pretty good :). Ill need to keep my eyes out for these no doubt ;) .

    caitriona | http://caitrionatighe.blogspot.ie/

  8. Those nails look so cool and I'm really impressed that they lasted that long!


  9. These look so pretty!! I've tried others from this brand which were pretty good too so may just have to pick up these ones next time i'm shopping x


  10. These just look so cool, I love the effect they give x


  11. Oooh loveeee these!!! xx


  12. I can't believe how long these lasted! That's really impressive. I've never tried stick on nails before but I really, really like the look of these. Also your photography is just greeat.


  13. aah go for it, i'm definitely gonna try more from this brand too! xo


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