10 Ways To Get Happy

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Some of you may have noticed that i've recently been finding it hard to post as often as i usually do. I've been feeling pretty low as of late and its been hard to find the motivation to post in between all the things that have been bogging me down. Instead i've been trying to fill my days with positive actions, that have been helping slightly and have given me a breath of fresh air now i'm back and writing a post. Since these things have been helping me, I thought i would share the top 10 things i have been doing to lift my mood!

1. Look after yourself
If this is just to get your hair done, nails done, eat a healthy meal or to have a bath with Lush products and a face mask in the evening, doing any of these will lift my mood as when i'm down i feel as though i have no self worth, so sometimes a little pamper and TLC is what you need after the stresses of everyday.

2. Do a good deed for a stranger
Whether its buying a homeless person a meal, giving someone your seat on the bus or carrying a lady's shopping bags etc. sometimes doing something good for a stranger helps me feel so much better and like i've actually done something worth while and meaningful with the day.

3. Try something new
Sometimes trying something new can give you a bit of excitement and perk up your day, such as trying a new food, booking a new activity, watching a new film or visiting a new place, it can break the little routine rut that i always feel myself fall into.

4. Turn off social media for the day
Reading and viewing what other people are doing with their lives definitely is one of the things that gets me down the most. It can seem as though everyone in the whole world is always on some exciting adventure and the constant updates are definitely not what you need. Also you shouldn't feel the need to constantly update your instagram/twitter/facebook telling people you're at or what you're doing can sometimes ruin the time you're actually having. So put your phone away and enjoy the company you have and actually talk to people and enjoy yourself!

 5. Put pen to paper
There isn't a feeling quite like writing a list or a letter. Writing a letter or story can actually feel rather therapeutic and gives you a break from the digital world yet again.

6. Make something from scratch
Making a cake or a whole meal completely from scratch definitely is a luxury i barely have time for anymore. Making the time to actually cook/bake something from scratch actually gives me a feeling of self achievement that i can actually make something without it going terribly wrong, giving me a bit more positivity!

7. Make the effort to spend time with loved ones
Sometimes its hard to find the time to see people during a full time job/uni. Plan and arrange dates where you can take an hour out of your day at some point and go for a lunch date or chill with your friends/family/partner can really help. Spending time with people who care about you and you know you have lots of fun with with can really be a pick me up.

8. Go for a walk
Getting a breath of fresh air and taking a break from all the stresses of (for me) being in a city, seeing some greenery and dogs running about can be an amazing way of de-stressing.

9. Get your creative juices flowing
Make up a story, paint/draw a picture, film a video, take photos of something you love, write a blog post etc. all help in distracting myself and cheer me up after a long day of lectures. I write this blog mainly because of my love for styling outfits and beauty products, but also as a self therapy.

10. Get up early
This is easier said then done but believe me, on the days where i wake up in the early mornings, i feel like i am so much more productive during the day and i am making the most out of my day. I feel as though i have more energy for the day ahead and i also feel healthier mentally for doing it. So no matter how easy it is to press snooze at 7am... don't do it! Getting up and doing exercise and having a healthy breakfast can make a world of difference.

I hope these tips help you and if you have any suggestions feel free to leave some in the comments!

Rachel x



  1. aw thats such a lovely thing you did, i would never have thought of that! and i love the idea of the victory a day, thats definitely going on my list of things to do to get happy. The fact that you can look back on them when you're down is such a plus, also it gives you incentive to really achieve something each day! xo

  2. francesca.frith5 March 2015 at 20:43

    Lovely post, I've made an effort to get up earlier every day this week and do feel better for it! I've also got back into reading to make me get off social media a bit, too much is really too much!



  3. This is such a great post, I'm exactly the same about getting up early. That's one thing I need to change. Some great tips, I can really relate!


  4. wow this is a really good post, very positive things you can do to get in a better mood. :)


  5. Really great tips, I have been doing these a lot lately as I have been feeling pretty similar. Hopefully now it's Spring that will change!


  6. it really helps doesn't it! and i know, constantly comparing your life to someone else's on social media gets me so down! xo

  7. thanks lovely, i'm glad you liked them! xo

  8. I love all of these ideas girly! x

  9. Love these positive vibes, I always feel refreshed when I wake up early on a weekend and spend it productively!



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