My Many Hairstyles

I've recently been considering changing my hair style up and that thought led me to realise that i have done A LOT with my hair the past few years and no one has seen it as it was before i started this blog. In all my posts i have the same hair style: long, wavy and of course, a full fringe. Apart from laughing at the hideous photos of me above,  i've decided to compile a mini timeline of the many traumatic experiences my hair has been through over the past 5 years and my opinions on them if you are interested! Grab a tea, its a long one..

Sept 2010
Many of you would be surprised that in Sept 2011 i had all my hair chopped off in favour of the very famous 'Frankie Sandford' pixie bob. It was literally so short that i had a razor to my head to get it that length. I absolutely loved having this style up until about 2 months and then i wanted nothing more than to have it back the way it was before it was cut- long enough that it was nearly down to my bum! During my short hair phase, i dyed my hair from its natural chestnut brown to black and then stripped the hair colour and dyed it again to an auburn colour.

January 2011
By this point i was getting pretty sick of the short hair and becoming very 'long hair sick'. Especially when i saw so many stunning girls with long hair, all i could think about was how much i regretted having the chop. My hair was still so short i would've looked ridic with clip in hair extensions so i decided to splash out and have a weave. If you dont know what a weave is, its basically where you have hair sewn into your own hair at the hairdressers and it cost me around £100, but the price is dependent on the salon. It took 3 hours for the hair to be sewn in but once it was done i was over the moon! i had lovely long hair again and you really couldn't tell it was extensions. If anyone was thinking of having extensions long term done at the hairdressers, i would definitely recommend a weave over anything else as it doesn't involved nasty chemicals/glue which can seriously damage your hair.

May 2011
By this point my hair had grown out so much that i had my weave removed and my hair was about grazing-shoulder length. I still felt like i looked like a boy so i started wearing clip in extensions. Now this is where i did a lot of learning. Firstly, i wore extensions that just blatantly didn't match my hair colour, so tip number 1: make sure the extensions COMPLETELY match your hair colour. I also learnt how to care for them, with washing them every 2 weeks and making sure you use moisturising products as they become drier than your actual hair a lot faster. I have also learnt that curling the ends of your hair and the extensions can sometimes help hide a blunt cut and the showing difference between your hair and the extensions.

December 2011 
I decided to re-dye my hair this time from its dry, auburn colour to a normal 'medium brown' which worked out ok but i still didnt understand that concept of having completely matching hair extensions! This colour also had a tendency to fade as the light colour kept coming through from my previous hair colour.

February 2012
The famous fringe (which i'm well known for by my friends) was cut in and i've never looked back! I was inspired by an old photo of myself at 4yrs old with a fringe and thought 'why the heck not?' I definitely think this hair style suits me the most over all the previous years as i probably have a big forehead that just needed covering! From then on i decided to try grow my hair as long as i possibly could, as long hair was still the aim here as my hair took SO LONG to grow back.

May 2013
I heard the saying from my hairdresser friend 'the colour that every person suits the most is their natural hair colour. However you can enhance this by going 1 or 2 shades lighter or darker than that. So thats exactly what i did! I dyed my hair a jet blue-black colour as i also became obsessed with wanting to enhance my 'thai features' LOL.

Basically after this point all i've been doing is re-dying my hair every 6-8 weeks the same colour and letting my length grow out to the point where it is now an acceptably long length. I still wear hair extensions everyday due to the pure thinness and nothingness which is my hair thanks to my thai mum who has very thin, yet silky hair. I do try to have 'off' days as my hair is thinning out even more now due to the strain but wearing them becomes unbelievably addictive! The past year i thought i had finally found my hair 'niche' and i found the style which suits me the most. However i cannot help but feel that temptation yet again to change this up drastically. Has anyone else made drastic changes to their hair? Sorry for the HUGE post and well done if you made it this far!




  1. You have absolutely gorgeous hair! I love fringes but as I've got curly hair I can't have a blunt one (which upsets me on a daily basis as I'm always seeing people that look amazing with them haha). I'm growing out hair dye that was meant to be semi permanent at the moment and as I am ginger it is a NIGHTMARE as the hair dye it dark brown and it looks pretty odd. Years of bizarre colours and cuts though have made me pretty numb to how my hair looks so if I looked ridiculously hilarious I probably wouldn't even realise!! Looking at your hair though, I'm pretty envious!

  2. aah curly hair would be amazing though! and tell me about it, growing out hair dye is the worst and i can definitely feel your pain! thanks a lot lovely, took a lot of experimenting to get here! xo

  3. I love the short hair styles, they fit your face really well. Lol it makes me want to chop my hair off. :)


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  5. I think I've definitely grown to appreciate the curls more than I once did. In school I straightened it to the point of it actually snapping off and turning into crispy clumps haha! I can see why people thought I was a massive weirdo haha. I probably smelt of burnt hair too! The shame! x

  6. You suit both short and long to be fair, which not everyone can do! I especially love your hair now though! I used to have hair going down to my shoulders, then when I was 17 I had a pop (posh beckham bob haha) then had the 'frankie from the saturdays' chop! My hair I think will always remain short but I get so bored of the colour quickly!
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  7. I love this post! I remember you moaning about how short your hair was in the sixth form common room - and I blame you for making me addicted to clip in extensions!


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