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I was recently sent the cutest package from Arbonne, which is a company that promotes cruelty free formulas based on botanical principles and a green legacy. I was so excited to try all the products in the package, as I've recently been on a health kick and also been wanting to treat my skin and hair the same, without any suspicious chemicals and going all natural. 

The first product i tried was the shampoo, which i noticed didn't lather as much as i'd hoped, however did the job very well and left my hair feeling squeaky clean. The smell was something i hadn't expected, however it didn't put me off. Next the conditioner made me hair smell and feel super soft and shiny which i definitely needed after a very unattractive time at the gym. The cleanser and toner really made a difference to my skin, as it made my skin feel amazingly clean and refreshed, removing all of my makeup and no panda eyes in sight. My favourite product of all that i used was the FC5 oil absorbing daily moisturiser which literally made my skin feel amazing! It felt so soft that i actually couldn't stop touching my face, which is a bit sad, however shows how much i loved this moisturiser, which also completely prevented my skin from becoming oily. I then used the hair serum whilst my hair was damp, which didn't make a huge difference, however my hair did feel slightly softer and smelt incredible! I think i didn't notice too much of a difference as i had only recently dyed my hair, so it still has the colour shine from the dye on it. Meaning if the serum had made my hair colour more vibrant, i wouldn't have noticed due to the recent dye treatment. The foundation was then applied and had a lovely consistency and great coverage, matching my yellow undertoned skin colour perfectly. I'm also a huge fan of foundation containing SPF.

A tea was also provided, which was refreshing and tasted a lot like pure green tea, although slightly heavier. I also liked the fact this was caffeine free as i am trying so hard to cut down on coffees and caffeine lately. I was then a little wary of trying the energy fizz stick, as i've never really tried anything of the sort before. I had it as recommended, and dissolved it in a glass of water as a replacement for my morning coffee and it really made me feel refreshed and ready for the day, definitely a positive change to the embarrassing amount of coffee i consume day to day. All in all i'm impressed with the vegan skincare/makeup/essentials. The products are a little on the pricey side however overall i felt i was doing my skin, hair and body a bit of natural goodness which was an improvement on a few products i had been using!

Rachel x

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