Ladbrokes Blogger Christmas Party

Yesterday I was lucky enough to attend the Ladbrokes blogger christmas party, and also to be paired up with a secret santa! The evening had such a lovely, welcoming festive feel to it and one word....BUFFET. Any event with drinks and a buffet and i'm there! A selection of pizzas, dough sticks, chicken skewers, fish goujons and bread with brie and strawberry jam all had my name on them.

There was also a cute idea of writing wishes on little labels and hanging them on the christmas tree, with labels picked at random to win prizes. A complimentary nail bar was also on hand for those nail disasters however it took sooo long to queue for! All in all this was a lovely event to spend my 21st birthday at and really put me in the festive mood!

Rachel x


  1. This looks so lovely, seems like you had such a great time xxx
    Eden x // edenroses

  2. Sounds like a lovely party and it looked like you guys had a great time :)

    rae of love from berlin

  3. Yay the picture of us didn't turn out too badly after all! I had such a good night with you last night, so glad you enjoyed your birthday :)
    Hope you guys didn't get as drenched as I did waiting for my Uber when you left! xox

    LJLV | UK Personal Style

  4. This looks like such a lovely event!! xx

    Abi | abistreetx.blogspot.co.uk

  5. Hope you liked it! I was your secret santa :') didn't make the event though! xx

  6. Their event coordinator staff was extremely professional and went out of their way to be very nice to me. I actually will be writing them a personal letter to thank them for a wonderful job performance all around!


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