FACEB4 Cleanser & Serum

When I was sent these products, at first I was a little sceptical: firstly because I'd never heard of this brand before and secondly, the packaging seemed a bit 'teenage-ish' for me. I was given a one month trial, using ONLY these products for cleaning my face every morning and nighttime for a month. I knew it was going to be hard sticking to only 2 products for a month, but i definitely wanted to see if these products would help my spot prone and patchy skin.

During use, i noticed the cleansing and toning foam didn't really 'foam up' enough compared to other foam products i've used in the past. It was absorbed by my skin a lot more, which I'm not sure was a good or bad thing. Also, when applying the serum in the morning, make sure to apply it well before your makeup as it had a tendency to make my make up go runny and slip off on top of it during the day. After the first week of use, i noticed my skin had cleared a tiny bit- not a lot, and not enough to say it was solely the products responsible, as it could've been due to me drinking more water/better diet or similar issues. I didn't notice huge changes until the 3rd week really, when i had a close look at my skin in the mirror and i noticed all the small bumps which aren't quite spots (you know which i mean!) have virtually all gone, with all the spots and my skin definitely has a more even tone to it now. 

I definitely am impressed with these as i wasn't expected as good results as I did! It does take persistent use over a longer period of time to see a difference, however for the price-not the cheapest and not the most expensive, i'd say these a definitely worth a try!

Rachel x


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