Finding Blog-spiration

This kind of post is something i think a lot of people can relate to. Sometimes i find it hard to have the motivation to blog, or even to find inspiration to have things to blog about. So i decided to compile a little list of things that help me find blogging inspiration and then have the motivation to blog, as i know sometimes it can feel like you're a little bit 'stuck.'

Read other blogs
This is probably the most obvious one, but when i'm in a little blogging 'rut' one of the best things that helps me is simply reading other blogs to find inspiration. Maybe theres a certain outfit that may kick start inspiration for your own outfit, or someone has done a type of post you've never even thought of before.

Pre-plan posts for the week
I keep a diary every day for my tasks and appointments during the day which helps me stay organised but sitting down at the start of the week and writing down a little clear plan of which days i'm going to blog and specifically what i'm going to blog about really helps me to be motivated. sometimes if i haven't blogged for a while, getting back into the swing of things can be hard, so i do aim to try and post every other day/every day.

Leave the house
If you're seriously lacking blogging motivation and you're sat staring at your computer screen stressing out over what to write about, sometimes the best thing to do is to just leave the house. Go for a walk, go out for food, do some exercise or even plan a little trip. This can make the world of a difference as it clears your mind so you're able to think stress free again.

These are just two websites that i visit on a regular basis for outfit inspiration, I love the photography on each of these sites and they really do help me get my mojo with outfit ideas!

Keep a tidy work area
This point is probably one of the most important ones. I'm definitely a huge believer in tidy work area, tidy mind. When my room is a tip, i seem to be the most unproductive being in the world. When i'm planning posts or i'm writing a post, i make the extra effort to tidy my whole room, light some candles, play some music and open all the windows for fresh air. I get soo much more work done this way, and the work that i get done is good quality as I feel like a tidy room gives my mind space to think.

I hope some of these tips help if you're ever in a blogging rut like i am!

Rachel x


  1. Great tips! I think getting out of the house is the biggest one for me! Living in New York I can get some serious inspiration from the street style in this city xx

    Love and Marmalade

  2. thanks for the tips! I love looking at pinterest for inspiration :)


  3. Love this, mostly get inspiration from magazines, other bloggers and obsessed with instagram!
    Your blog is amazing so we decided to follow x

  4. Great tips! I've felt in a bit of a rut with my blog lately and I'm always quite busy so I'm definitely going to try to plan posts for the week. I also love reading other blogs, I find that and Instagram are the best ways to get inspo.

    Louise / www.asseenonlouise.blogspot.co.uk

  5. Totally agree with all these tips, in particular the one about keeping your room tidy and having the right atmosphere to blog in, I'm exactly the same! I've also recently started keeping a diary with exactly what I want to blog about each day which I'm finding really helpful, and I now have posts planned most of the way til Christmas! xo

    LJLV | UK Personal Style

    1. wow thats so organised! i totally agree though, having a daily diary keeps me so organised, i'd be so lost without it! xo

  6. Such a helpful post! I absolutely love Pinterest for blogging inspiration, it always keeps my ideas flowing.

    Catherine xx

  7. Great tips! Tumblr and blogs are where i get most of my inspiration for my outfits
    The Lipstick, The Girl and Her Wardrobe

  8. good tips!

    xo T.

  9. Loved this post, every now and then I feel like I have nothing interesting to say and i'm always stressing that I don't post enough. I think I definitely need to plan my posts each week and get more organised and getting some fresh air always helps a lot too.

    Laura x

    Fashion Found Me // UK Fashion & Personal Style Blog

  10. Fab post! I've been going through a lot of this over the last few months and this is a great post to help find inspiration! I've just stumbled on Style Soup and I'm loving it. Keep up the good work!

    Hannah xx
    Raspberry Kitsch | UK Fashion & Lifestyle Blog

  11. <3333 amazing tips !

  12. I feel like this a lot. I started blogging not long time ago and find it difficult to have good ideas for my blog.

    New post on my blog: http://rose-charles.com/blog

  13. Yesss! Sometimes I am on a roll, but for the most part I feel I am in a rut. These tips are all important- especially pre-planning posts.
    Jenny // Mish Mosh Makeup

  14. Love this! I get majority of my blog inspiration from other blogs, and the world around me. Sometimes I find just writing what's in my head helps too.

    Chalsie | The Workshop Co. x

  15. This is definitely helpful! I find that I'm struggling just to get mojo for outfit photos just because I'm super uncomfortable in front of camera - I really do want to take the opportunity to break out of my shell a little bit, so the tip on tumblr and pinterest is really helpful! I've found that even if I had just started blogging, I still found myself in a rut, I had to take a break and I have cleared my head a bit. I think taking a break from blogging every now and again can leave you recharged as well. Xx

    Shaqinah // Shoes & Roses

  16. Fabulous post!

    I do agree, getting out and exploring helps! As well as viewing other blogs. Really get in there and see what everyone else is talking about. It shapes what you can add to the conversation, if you agree and disagree. xx


  17. These are so nice, thanks! I personally like the diary/journal tip - I love sketching and brainstorming ideas in a sketchbook. (PS your blog is actually incredible and I can't believe I JUST found it.)


  18. Totally know this feeling! When I started out as a lifestyle blog, I had so may days where I just sat there and could not think about anything to blog about for the life of me lol. It all kind of changed when I started fashion blogging though. I don't have many days where I hit a road block and don't know what to post, but I don't always know what to write about before the photos start haha. Now THAT'S when I will sit there and be like, uhhhhhh. lol. And then of course the times where I just don't feel like getting ready and taking blog photos. :)

    - MeYouandHayleyLarue.com

  19. Great post - I hate it when I get in blogging ruts but I think everybody does. I think for me, just getting out and doing something different really helps - you definitely need time away from the computer!


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