Babyliss Conical Wand & Hair Styling Routine

My 6yr old curlers finally gave out a few weeks ago so I thought i would search the web to find a good pair of curlers, however without splashing the cash. I read countless positive reviews on the Babyliss pro conical, and i was super impressed with the price so i decided to take the plunge. It came literally a day or two after ordering so i didn't have to wait long at all to try it out. One thing I love about these curlers is that you need to push two different buttons to turn it off and on. Sounds silly but i've used multiple curlers/straightners where its only been one button or even a slider to turn it on and off, and i've accidentally turned it off by using it so many times. It heats up to any of the 25 heat settings fairly fast and is indicated by a green light. Before use, i'll wash my hair, condition and take a small drop of Argan Hair Oil and rub it into my hair. When using it, i only had to hold my hair round the tong for 15 seconds and a lovely loose wave was formed. I do this all over my hair which literally takes 5mins and then i put my extensions in to add some texture, giving them a once over with the wand also.

I'll brush all the curls out and then I take a large pea sized amount of this and rub it into my hair, scrunching the curls as i rub it in. I find this holds the curls and stops my hair being static, as my hair is always static! After letting it set for a few mins, i'll brush my hair out again. I love this stuff, its last ages and i'm on my second pot of it.

To give the messy beachy waves look, i'll just spray a few pumps of this on my hair, scrunching the curls as i go also. I definitely prefer using this to hair spray, as i still want my hair to be able to move, and not have the 'hairsprayed' look.

To give my hair a final little shine, i take a a teeny tiny amount of this and just run it through my hair. I actually got this in a magazine and i'm so surprised at the quality of it!

I hope this gave you an idea of how i achieve my loose waves, whilst also giving a review of an amazing, yet great value curler!

Rachel x


  1. Wow your hair is so long! The colour is lovely it really suits you, the opposite end of the spectrum to mine haha :)
    - Grace xx
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  2. Very pretty Rachel. The non-tong curlers kind of scare me. I'm always afraid I'll burn my clumsy fingers on them!


  3. love the end result, thank you for the review
    xx http://1finedai.blogspot.com/

  4. How have I only just discovered your blog!! Definitely in my top 10!!

    Char x

  5. NIce nice! I love loose waves, they look so effortless and sophisticated!

    Melane | Pure Perspective

  6. I love your hair it's gorgeous :)


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