Video: How I Lost Weight

After my weight gain in first year, I did quite a few little changes to my lifestyle to gradually lose the extra weight! I didnt go on a diet or do anything too drastic so I just thought i'd film a little video on the few things I did to lose weight. I did miss out quite a few points as my camera battery died so I thought I'd just add them in here:

Allow yourself cheat meals
If you go on a drastic diet of healthy eating and exercising and don't allow yourself a few meals a week of 'unhealthy' food or food you used to love before you tried losing weight, you might find yourself being miserable or having huge cravings for these foods. Just allow yourself to have a meal or two of whatever food you'd like per week, its not going to make a huge difference to your weight and theres no point feeling miserable just to lose weight.

Don't eat 3-4hrs before bed
I'm not sure if this is an official 'tip' on how to lose weight or not but I did find that this helped me. If I allowed myself to go to bed just a little bit hungry I felt as though i'd burnt off the calories I'd already eaten for dinner so I wasn't storing alot of food for fat during the night.

Breakfast is the biggest meal of the day
You need all that energy for the day ahead and to me, it didn't make sense to have a huge meal at 8'oclock at night just before sitting in front of the laptop/tv for a few hours and then going to bed! I'd heard the phrase: 'eat like a king in the morning, like a prince at lunch and then like a peasant at dinner time.' I just liked getting all my calories in the daytime when i knew i could actually burn it all off doing things during the day, then feeling stuffed and tired in the evening.

All of these tips obviously don't need to be followed and I bet theres plenty more that are useful in weightloss, these are just a few that helped me.

Rachel x



  1. great post..i agree its so important to have breakfast!
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  2. Great sharing.... unfortunately I never eat breakfast ever in life and my biggest meal of the day is lunch...

  3. you look stunning, thanks for sharing this with us! I just fell in love with your blog, now following on GFC :)
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