Eating Habits/Gym Routine

Now, I don't pretend to be even close to an expert in health/fitness and losing weight, but recently I've been on a health kick and trying to shift a few extra pounds so I just thought I'd do a different post to usual just sharing my current eating habits and routine on a day when i go to the gym, which is usually around 3 times a week.
 I like to start the day on a big bowl of porridge as it contains a high amount of fibre, really filling for the day without leaving me feeling bloated and contains complex carbs which digest at a slow pace, rather than simple carbs. My ultimate favourite porridge is the Oat So Simple sachets of golden syrup porridge, that way my portions are already worked out for me, which prevents me from under/over eating. If I don't have porridge, I love a bowl of special K or granola with fruit.

Next, I'd go to the gym, as I much prefer exercising in the morning as I find I have most of my energy then which puts me in a good mood the rest of the day. My gym routine is listed below. Just going to stress that these arent the golden rules of exercise and losing weight, as I don't want to lose more than a few pounds, but its just what I prefer to do. You might find other means of exercise that suit you:
  1. 1.5k run
  2. 4 sets of 30 reps on the inner thigh and outer thigh machines to tone legs
  3. 20 minutes on the bike
  4. 10 minutes on the cross trainer
  5. 10 minutes of rowing
  6. 30 sit ups, plank for 1min, 30 'heel touches', 50 bicycle crunches and 20 'v crunches'
Obviously sometimes if i'm not feeling up to it i'll skip a step or two, or cut some exercises down. I try not to spend too long in the gym, and my plan might not even be efficient to you, because i genuinely don't know what i'm doing, but it works for me!

After exercise, i would usually have a chicken and 3 bean salad, however on this particular day i decided to take these photos, i got so hungry at tesco buying salad supplies I ate sushi on the go instead! However, sushi is a relatively healthier option than quite a lot of on-the-go lunches as its low in calories and contains fish for omega-3.
For a midday snack, my all time favourite snack that I find myself craving everyday is pitta and humous. Even though brown pitta is the healthier option here, i really can't bring myself to enjoy it enough to switch from white. Sometimes I'll also have a piece of fruit.
Finally for dinner, i had grilled salmon and roasted vegetable cous cous! I don't usually eat this much fish but I try to steer clear of red meats as they're high in saturated fats so fish and chicken are substituted in for dinner and lunch respectively. For dessert, i also had a small bowl of greek yoghurt with honey and some fruit.

Obviously everyone has their own eating/exercise plan but I just thought i'd show you what I generally stick to, to maintain my weight and maybe lose a few pounds. I also can't follow this plan everyday and I do have days where I eat whatever unhealthy foods I can lay my eyes on, but I thought i might give some people some inspiration if you're struggling or stuck for ideas. Also, I've found that portion control plays a massive role in weight loss, and eating until you are no longer hungry, than reaaaallyy full up really helps me too, as I used to love the feeling of being completely stuffed but then realised you don't even need to feel that way!

I'd love to hear any suggestions anyone else has and healthy meals to try!

Rachel x



  1. I wish I liked sushi, it always looks so good! Love hummus and pitta bread though


  2. That sushi looks yummy! This sounds like a really good plan for healthy living <3

  3. I always love the look of sushi but it just doesn't do it for me ! :(


  4. Great post. Some tasty (and healthy) looking dishes! :-) xxx

    Helen | Helens Fashion & Beauty Blog

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  6. Yummy post !



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